Street art in La Tabacalera.

How to create a cultural project in Madrid at La Tabacalera.

La Tabacalera, a creative epicentre for cultural development in Madrid.

Have you ever thought about developing your own cultural/educational project or are you in need of help with the last steps of putting into practice your socially related ideas? Then La Tabacalera and Cooltourspain are here to help you! Whether you are part of an existing project or willing to collaborate/volunteer with the ones already developed, come visit La Tabacalera (C/Embajadores, 68- Metro Embajadores) every other Monday (starting the first of each month) at 8.30PM. Neighbors from all over Madrid will be waiting for you at the local assembly room.

La Tabacalera, a street art gallery in Madrid’s city center.

There are many groups or associations at La Tabacalera, but the one who got our attention was a collective called El Keller. They are fully commited to street art, and usually collaborate with local artists to create their artwork at the underground level of this warehouse. You should also pay attention to Madrid Street art Project, the project behind Muros Tabacalera (the walls on the outside part of Glorieta Embajadores and Calle Miguel Servet). A whole week during the month of June where 24 local and international artists develop their artwork. The 2016 edition was called ‘Naturalezas Urbanas’ and it represented the connection between the modern urban lifestyle and our natural roots.

A list of the 6 most relevant free activities developed at La Tabacalera.

Reuse, recycle and reduce at La Tabacalera.

Ondas de Ruido/ flickr

-Recycled materials.-

Do you need materials to create your artwork, or just a person who gives you a hand on the process? Come to the assemblies every other Wednesday at 8.30 PM and make your proposal. You’ll receive some help!

La Tabacalera offers free yoga lessons.

Olga Berrios/ flickr

-Relaxing time.-

Participating at Yoga sessions would be helpful if you require time to relax or slow things down. You will meet people from all nationalities with the same interests than you. So much beneficial for your health!

Buy clothes in Madrid from local artisans at La Tabacalera.

Ondas de Ruido/ flickr

Sundays’ market,
-Local designers.-

Many local & international artisans sell their products at La Tabacalera from time to time. Pay attention to the calendar and buy organic products, handcrafts and health related products at the market they organize. Otherwise you can also visit this other market.

Need help to fix your bike? Come to La Tabacalera!

Steve’s world of photos/ flickr

Bike repair,
-Full service.-

Have you got a problem with your bike? Are you broke or interested in learning how to fix it? Come to La Tabacalera every Tuesday and Wednesday from 6.00PM to 9.00PM and learn how to do it with a professional! Completely free service!

Ask for Tabahack when you get to La Tabacalera.

Hillary/ flickr


Have you got a problem with your laptop? Are you unable to reconfigure your router settings by yourself? Did a malware or virus infected your desktop? Come by and learn how to fix the problem that is giving you a headache.

Famous raggae and dancehall parties at La Tabacalera.

Olga Berrios / flickr

Reggae music,
-dancehall vibes.-

People from the African continent are frequent visitors at La Tabacalera due to the big community that exists in Lavapiés neighborhood. Share your time with them, and enjoy the best music in Madrid with raggae vibes.

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