Spray paint at the graffiti shops in madrid

Where are the graffiti shops in Madrid located? “I really want to paint here”

Cooltourspain’s first commitment is to offer updated information related to the street art movement in town. Today we are writing an article where to find the location of graffiti shops in Madrid. When are you landing to our city? Are you participating in our street art tour in Lavapiés? In case you are interested, we may go painting afterwards. Our graffiti crew will give you details of where to buy the graffiti cans and any markers you may need. It’s been a while since we first met a traveller in Spain who was interested in painting a legal spot. We must say it’s a pleasure to meet people from all over the world: Australia, Ireland, Brasil, Germany…

What’s the most famous of the graffiti shops in Madrid?

Graffiti shops in Madrid by Gran Via street


Spray paint at the graffiti shops in madrid

Montana Colors

Our team works most of the times with one brand, not a partnership of any kind, during the stencil workshops that we offer. We purchase Montana 94 because of the quality of the product. Its’ final touch is neat. One of these graffiti shops in Madrid is located near Gran Via Street, on Calle Caballero de Gracia, 9. Once you get there, you may ask for Sonek, a friend of us who will treat you professionaly and friendly.

There is a wall in front of the shop (we call it a Hall of Fame) where some of the most popular artists from our city have tagged and pasted-up. Montana is a Barcelona based company with stores all around the world, including Madrid. They also have books, clothes, magazines for sale and host parties and jam sessions often.

Graffiti shops in Madrid for “writers”.

Writers Madrid represents the local community as no one else does in town! This store opened in 2009, and we would recommend you to check their blog. There’s so much that you can learn about the industry: names, festivals, videos to see… The graffiti shops in Madrid might be classified as special ones when you even have a train to paint. They work with Molotow, a German spray-paint company that will assure you have enough preasure to bomb in the streets. Remember that it should take you around 5 to 8 minutes to do your throw-up in order to avoid being caught by the authorities. Meet the local artists’ community in this spot! Totally of our recommendation.

Graffiti shops in Madrid , Spain

Writers Madrid

Graffiti shops in Madrid decoration

Writers Madrid

24/7 graffiti shops in Madrid.

The last option we are offering you is probably the most convenient as it is open 24/7, which means that the store opens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. STREET ART ALL THE WAY! The most unique of these graffiti shops in Madrid is a pioneer business idea, nothing but a vending machine which contains all sizes of silver & black paint, plus 80 different colors also available. Are you painting at night and run out of spray paint? Then probably this is your best bet as you will always find this place open for you. They are located in Calle O’Donell, 24 (nearest metro stations are Goya and Principe de Vergara). Graffiti writers from Madrid city visit the shop if their artwork is spontaneous or they decide to go on a “mission” on the last minute! You crew will now have the option B you were looking for.

graffiti shops in Madrid opened at night


Graffiti shops in Madrid by Sprayxpress


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