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Street art in Lavapiés

Spain’s capital is one of the cities where the graffiti movement is highly active. Many artists have participated in the development of the street art in Lavapies and we analyzed the artworks in this multicultural neighborhood. Pay attention! Either if you are looking for them on your own or you signed up for our street art tour in Madrid, these are some of the artists we love!

The street art in Lavapies created by local artists.

Street art in Lavapies meets Curruncho

R2hox/ flickr

The Street art in lavapies changes the lookalike of the city.

Oscar Guerra/ Flickr

The local artists who collaborated in the progrss of the street art in Lavapies decorated the neighborhood differently. While En Llama used her lovely origamis (from Japanese culture) other artists painted with markers. La Banda del Rotu, as this markers’ crew is called, colored the streets with their octopus, smiley faces and space ships. Yipi Yipi Yeah is the crew behind the change of street signals. They are now turned into art as these artists add plastic vynils to give a different meaning to these informative objects.

The street art in Lavapies by European artists.

Many well-known European artists left their work in town while a short visit or during their participation in a street art festival in Madrid. Alice Pasquini is an Italian artist famous for her traces with colorful displays made with markers. She also participated at a festival called Muros Tabacalera. Roa, a Belgian artist who loves travelling, also painted his black and white animals at what we consider the best urban garden in Madrid. Ben Eine is a guy from London who participated at the 2017 edition of Urvanity, the OFF street art event organized during ARCO week [see contemporary art in Madrid].

Street art in lavapies neighborhood

Alice Pasquini/ Flickr

Street art in lavapies at La Tabacalera

R2hox/ flickr

International artists who collaborated with the street art in Lavapiés.

Kenji Chai came from Thailand last November and asked for a place in town. El Keller, the street art workshop in Madrid, found a wall at La Tabacalera where the artist could develop his work. It’s amazing to see that the street art in Lavapies is supported by international artists! Same thing happened to Buntu Fihla, a South African artist who painted one of the walls of Nelson Mandela square, the epicenter of this multicultural neighborhood.

Street art in Lavapies at Nelson Mandela square

Madrid paisaje urbano

The street art in lavapies at the interior of La Tabacalera

Cooltourspain/ flickr

Emerging artists to follow on the street art in Lavapies.

Cooltourspain’s team chose 2 artists to follow in the district. First of them is @Laborolove. This unknown artist creates paste-ups with paper-based or fabric materials where the main message is to represent daily house chores: dish-washing, doing the laundry or brushing one’s teeth. We should also mention @Jimbodelaguetto, an artist who paints with spray paint or markers African-american people’s faces or silouettes.

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