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People may contact us for questions related to products or services offered in our street art website. We will kindly answer to your thoughts and try to solve any demand. You can do so by using the different channels available: email, phone or facebook. Our responding time is set under 24 hours so that all guests/customers receive a correct attention to their questions.

To contact us you should know…

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Contact us via facebook

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Cooltourspain’s team works Mondays to Sundays from 09.00AM to 01.00PM and 4.00PM to 7.00PM. You may contact us by using the following options:

What language should you use to contact us?

As you may have seen, the majority of our content is published in English language. To contact us you can use English, but you should be aware that we are from Spain and obviously we speak Spanish. We do also understand French and will make our best if you decide to contact us in any of these languages. As soon as you drop us an email, any of our team members will get in touch with you to answer any questions you may have.

Contact us through the internet

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Contact us with any questions you may have

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Contact us if your payment…

If your debit/credit card was rejected at the time of purchasing a product on our website, contact us in case you need to double check for security reasons but you should also know that paypal payments are also accepted at Cooltourspain.

We also work with different distributors all around the world. Consequently, if your payment was processed through any of those 3rd party companies you will be required to call/write them in order to solve any issues you may have with your booking.

Our team will contact you in case there is a change on the booking.
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