CALLE Lavapies and its glass-work

CALLE Lavapies, a street art festival in Madrid

Introduction to CALLE Lavapies and its artists.

The graffiti movement has rapidly grown in Spain over the past few years. Street art Festivals of all kinds take place all over the city and metal shutters, buildings’ faccades or abandoned warehouses are some examples of where you will be able to observe the artwork from artists coming from all over the globe. CALLE Lavapies is one of the best examples of how a spray paint & markers event could boost the sales of bars and shops of any given area. The following information will reveal the stories behind a festival which took place over the past few weeks.

The street art seen in Madrid during CALLE Lavapies.

While the majority of artists on this years’ edition were Spaniards, the invited artist was an Italian fellow called MoneyLess. He painted over a wall located on Plaza de Arturo Barea. This graphic designer and freelance illustrator was impressed about Madrid’s local artists and the work from MSAP.

AMPPARITO, no rules.

Nacho is a local graffiti artist who submitted his application here.You should know that over 300 people applied for a spot this year and because of his fine art he was one of the chosen for CALLE Lavapies. He had prepared his artwork for El Economico, but the owner let him know about the conditions when he got to the bar located in Calle Argumosa: he could paint all over the wall but not on the entrance’s marble footstep. What do you guys think he did? Incredibly, he multiplied the marble banned object over a hundred times in all the faccade. Well done man!

CALLE Lavapies 2017 edition

CALLE Lavapiés

PETRONZA crew: DMS, Sonek & Juanito Ilógico

These guys love experimenting with the walls given. DMS is a local graffiti artist from Manoteras who creates three dimensional shapes which you will clearly differenciate. Sonek now lives in Madrid and has a very fine technique learnt during his childhood in Asturias. He pushes the spray’s cap in a way that only a few drops of paint come out from the alluminum can, creating a distinguised line & trace. Don’t miss their artwork for CALLE Lavapies located on Libre café.

Calle Dr. Fourquet being covered at CALLE Lavapies

CALLE Lavapiés

COCOLIA, Barcelona- Madrid street art connection.

What happens when ladies take the leading role? A massive artwork created and guided by Mireia Ruiz, an instagram lover who would like to be invisible to others. Her blood boils when someone makes her angry, as she defines herself as a very impulssive person.

Mireia y sus cosas for CALLE Lavapies

CALLE Lavapiés

AKESI MARTINEZ, illustrating over glass surfaces.

One of the best things about leading a street art tour is the chance to meet the artists personally. Talking about that, we introduced our guests to an illustrator based in madrid who loves creating simple and subtle expressive forms of characters who live between the everyday and oneiric stories.

Artwork for CALLE Lavapies at Paréntesis de Olvido

CALLE Lavapiés

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