‘CALLE Lavapies’ street art festival. Best graffiti in Lavapies area

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Is CALLE Lavapies considered as urban art or vandalism? We asked the local community for their opinions…

As a 46 years old resident metioned,

“I like the artworks created. They are beautiful but they contribute to the gentrification of the area.”

Celia- Madrid, 2019

To our knowledge, it’s a yearly celebrated festival and it hosts artists from all over the country and far beyond. Its organization promotes the work of emergent artists and offers them visibility.

These are some of the artists who have participated in previous editions.

List of 10 artists who participated in CALLE Lavapies.

  • Son3k, Son3k, Sonek,
  • Concreto street art
  • Dos Jotas
  • Ramón Cano
  • Lázaro Totem
  • NSN997
  • Por Favor
  • DMS & Juanito Ilógico
  • Ampparito
  • Cocolia

CALLE Lavapies history

The local community chamber and a social project called Madrid street art project curated an event for the first time in 2013.

It first received the name “Convocatoria Artística Libre Lavapiés Emergente” and then turned to CALLE, its acronym.

Its goals are to boost the artistic creations in an open and shared project & to contribute to enjoy it in a social and close-up way.

The origins of a street art festival

The first edition hosted urban interventions in 38 different business, using the following techniques. All of them were created with recycled materials.

  • Street art
  • Video art
  • Sculptures
  • Photography
  • Sketch
  • Collage
  • Graffitis Lavapies

Since the 2013 event, the number of both artists and hosts have continuously increased. 2019 counted with over 50 artists who created over 200 artworks.

How is CALLE Lavapies organized?

The idea came both from the local chamber and a non profit project. They thought of the beauty and cultural impact that it could have in the community.

There are activities, street art tours in Lavapies, and workshops.

MSAP is in charge is the curatorial process. They receive over hundreds of submissions in order to participate and paint.

Once the artist chosen receives the location where to develop his/her artwork, they then receive materials worth approximately 150€. Some artists receive an economical extra contribution for the travelling expenses.

It’s a family!

These are some of the businesses who have previously participated in CALLE Lavapies:

  1. Kanika Yoga – Doctor Fourquet, 17
  2. La Libre – Argumosa, 39
  3. La Tiendina – Argumosa, 7
  4. El Económico– Argumosa, 9
  5. Donde da la vuelta el viento- Calle del Mesón de Paredes, 81

Artists who have painted graffitis Lavapies previously .

There were over a hundred petitions that Madrid street art project received after the official open-call.

The application process requires artists to send their portfolio and a sketch for CALLE Lavapies. Check them on Instagram!

The sixth edition of the festival had two sponsored artists. Isaac Cordal and Mr. Piro were the chosen for this 2019.

Local artists at CALLE Lavapies.

An important representation of the local street art community was observed at the festival. It has been in several times where we have seen how the local projects & crews participated in this street art festival in Madrid.

This is a brief list of Madrid based artists for the festival, since its beginnings.

  • Julio Cubillos
  • Yolanda Gómez Urrea
  • J.M Yes
  • Por Favor
  • Sonek
  • Juanito Ilógico
  • NSN997
  • Boa Mistura

What’s cool about the festival is that there is a closing party to celebrate and talk to all the artists. Great opportunity for networking too!

Spanish street art artists @ CALLE Lavapies

The project hosts artists from all over the country. Experienced urban explorers who are interested in sharing their art with the general audience.

It’s a pleasure to meet them personally and share few words about our industry. You never know what kind of coollaborative project is about to start.

This is a brief list of them:

  • Cocolia, Barcelona.
  • Angel Toren, Murcia.
  • Erb Mon, Barcelona.
  • Antonyo Marest, Alicante.
  • La Rueda invertida, Islas Canarias.

There is also a few international artists who have participated at the festival, being probably the most remarked the Italian Money Less.

Our opinion about CALLE Lavapies

We are thankful for the organization, development and joy that is felt on CALLE Lavapies street art festival.

It’s cool to hunt the street art in Madrid and add more photos to your Istagram account.

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