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The stencil graffiti artwork became popular with a still-unknown artist from Bristol, England. Many of his creations remain untouched, some have been protected against vandalism and surprisingly, there were a few others that people tried to steal. Unfortunately, Spain has not been selected by this well-known artist to create his stuff, but we luckily have some Banksy style street art in Madrid. Check out the article where we feature some local artists developing the best stencil art in town. Get to know where can you see them, or join our street art tour in Lavapiés to learn about their reasons to do graffiti in Madrid, or how long does it take them to paint/ paste it.

Where to find Banksy style street art in Madrid?

We would recommend you a few spots where you may find alternative & contemporary art in town. Here is a list:

  • La Tabacalera. Local stencil artists meet at El Keller, the workshop where to learn everything about this technique. It hosts a free experience every Tuesday from 6.00PM This former tobacco factory is located in Calle Embajadores, 35. How to get to La Tabacalera? Look for the metal gate accross Cervantes high school.
  • La Traba. This occupied building features the artwork of some Banksy style street art in Madrid. You will find the actual location of this space at the corridor/hallway of Paseo de las Delicias, 51. Nearest metro station is Palos de la Frontera (line 3). Several graffiti crews painted the interior of this spot, which used to be a cinema and later abandoned. Check La Traba‘s schedule to see when they host organized events. Did you know they even have an indoor skate park?
  • La Neomudejar. It’s the third of our recommendations and a real pleasure to introduce you to an off the beaten path museum. La Neo is an avant-garde center featuring brut, visual and street art. Their exhibitions change every three months and it is one of our personal recommendations. Meet Fran and Nestor (directors of the museum) and ask them for the Banksy style street art in Madrid. They’ll help you find it!

Who are the local figures creating the best Bansky style street art in Madrid?

There are several artists working on that. They have been on the game for over 10 years and it’s thanks to them that we can see our city colored. The Banksy style street art in Madrid has been created by the following guys:

  • Por Favor. How would you translate the name of this artist into English? It is actually Please, but do you know why? Well, as the artist told us once, it was when he was a teenager that the idea of his name came alive. Madrid’s walking clinics used to have the figure of a nurse hanged on the walls of the waiting rooms. Those pictures included the statement “Silencio por favor” (Be quiet please). That phrase was stucked into his head for such a long time that he decided to use the name Por Favor for his artworks. We can now see his stuff all around the city. Just check this two pictures.
Is this the best Banksy style street art in Madrid ?

Por Favor

Banksy style street art in Madrid at La Tabacalera

Por Favor

  • Brødbus. This local artist is probably one of the most active street art hunters we do know. He captures the urban art from all over the world during his trips, but if you ask him for the location of one specific creation, he might reject to let you know where the artwork is. As Brødbus points out “I no longer tell the location of places because people destroy them later on”. He collaborates with El Keller, the atellier where we develop our stencil workshops, and stamped his stuff all around Lavapiés neighborhood.
Banksy style street art in Madrid at Esto es una plaza


Banksy style street art in Madrid by Brødbus


  • Seven Logos. The number SEVEN is probably one of the most seen stickers in Madrid city. As you may see from the pictures beneath, he does not only work with the glued art, but with the stencil technique. His Banksy style street art in Madrid may include quotes which will get your attention and make you laugh. Seven Logos also works with political messages and a spray can type of shape drawn with spray paint in abandoned buildings and downtown locations. He belongs to the worlwide stickers movement and exchanges his artwork with artists from all over the globe.
Policital messages seen on the Banksy style street art in Madrid

Seven Logos

Banksy style street art in Madrid with daily life objects

Seven Logos

Can I find ORIGINAL Banksy style street art in Madrid?

Yes, of course you can! There is one moment during the year when you may find it. Urvanity is an urban art festival that takes places during the month of February where you may see original Banksy style street art in Madrid. This event counts with the collaboration of several worldwide art galleries that will let you see his creations on a canvas.

The Banksy style street art in Madrid explained by local graffiti writers

Those of you willing to discover the city in an alternative way, may join any of our street art tours in Lavapies. We will show you this trendy neighborhood and will explore it through the eyes of the graffity in Madrid. Ready?

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