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It is known that Spain has suffered and is now suffering from high unemployment rates. Young people are specially hit by the economic crisis, but what are they doing to reverse that situation? You might work with us if you are mastered in English and have conversational level in another language such as French or German. Welcome to the first local street art & graffiti community showing travellers the capital of Spain in an alternative way through a street art tour in Madrid.

To work with us, you should know that…

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Work with us in a cool and young  project

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We are passionate on what we do. We can assure you that if you work with us, you won’t get rich at all but you will participate in a project where you will walk everyday, stay in touch with people from all over the world and practice your communication skills at all times. You will also make friends and obtain tips from our guests (if it applies). What would be the reasons to hire someone like you? Are you interested in graffiti? Do you have previous experience working with groups of people or leading workshops in Madrid or any other city?

Can you work with us at these times?

Our products are offered on a daily basis Mondays to Sundays. Morning tours are set at 11.00AM and the afternoon availability starts at 5.00PM These alternative walking visits in Madrid take around two hours and in order to work with us you might be required to guide during the weekends (Sundays included). What we are offering you is a part-time job.

Work with us showing the graffiti in Madrid

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Work with us in Madrid

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Work with us during your student practices.

If you are studying tourism, art or online marketing (SEO), we could offer you the opportunity to “work with us“. Would you be interested in developing your student practices in Madrid? Contact us as we would like to discuss with you how we could help you achieve your goals. A cool project in Spain is waiting for you to join the team!

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