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Walking tours in Madrid that reveal hidden street art and graffiti treasures

For those of you who don’t know any other name but Banksy, the walking tours in Madrid orgazanied by a group of graffiti artists are the best way to uncover the works of local, national and international artists on the other side of mainstream. The following street art experiences around the city center of the biggest city in Spain will show you how this Mediterranean culture welcomes every visitor.

The graffiti movement started in New York city around 1973 or 1974 when guys like Seen or Broken Legz wrote their names in the subway wagons. They did that to gain notoriety all around the city as these metallic vehicles moved north to south & east to west within a matter of hours. The industry was soo spread all around the world and it became popular in the Spanish capital after Franco’s dictatorship (see La Movida Madrileña).

These stories and many more will be shared by local guides whose passion goes beyond any written books. Their knowledge about urban art’s history, painting techniques and artists’ biographies will be shared with our lovely guests. Let’s see how you will explore the alternative distrits around the city center.

What will you see in these walking tours in Madrid?

walking tours in Madrid with Cooltourspain

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The first stop on the Lavapies street art tour is the festival CALLE. It is a canvas by Boa Mistura- who make large painted slogans on faccades- that was curated in sporsonship with a famous beer brand company from Spain. On one of the side walls of Calle Doctor Fourquet, a decoration painted by neighbors of all ages in a project called Compartiendo muros.

Javier, the owner of this cultural and touristic project, says his walking tours in Madrid help travellers attune their sight to what’s around them. “I’m showing you 6 to 10 streets around the most multicultural districts in town, but you should get lost and continue exploring it on your own”, he says. By the end of the guided visit your graffiti skills should have reached a level where you can tell what is a WOLF (similar to Space Invaders) or a creation by Por Favor (Banksy style in Madrid). After your participation on this unique experience you will spot rare creations that would have been unnoticed in the past.

Large colored walls in the underground tunnels of a 9000 sq. meters building will wait for your visit. The interior of this scrappy former tobacco factory, is considered as a mecca for graffiti & street art lovers. It is in La Tabacalera where you can participate at any of the stencil workshops that En Llama or Brodbus develop for travellers eager for an alternative experience. THese local emergent artists will teach you how to do your own artwork in approximately two hours.

Where will the walking tours in Madrid take you?

Another os these uniques activities available for the public and private audiences is an off the beaten tour in Madrid’s Malasaña neighborhood. Most urban art here, though, is exposed to vandals. We can observe as during the day time of 23rd April of every year, there is a street art festival called Pinta Malasaña. This is a curated event, permitted by the local governing bodies which is slightly destroyed during the same night, mostly by illegal writers. That could be the better example of how we could describe what’s the difference between street art and graffiti.

The walking tours in Madrid organized by Cooltourspain’s experts are offered as the perfect opportunity to explore one of the most gentrified neighborhoods in the capital’s downtown districts. It will be during these guided visits where you will discover the history of an underground global movement, the techniques used by graff artists and the background information from local emergent artists (when do they paint, what’s their lifestyle like…)

Malasaña is probably one of the most famous neighborhoods among the expats who move to Madrid in order to work/study. A very hipster and multicultural location, full of bars, restaurants, where artists and baby boomers have seen a marvelous location to live. It will be here where you can check the hidden treasures of C215, one of the most skillful French stencil artists.

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Walking tours in madrid city

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When are the walking tours in Madrid scheduled?

Our services are organized daily. We require a minimum of 24 hours cut-off booking time for our public walking tours in Madrid. If a reservation is received within less than a day in advance,we will consider it as a private request and you will be asked to pay cash in hand to the guide.

There are two slots of time when you will be able to participate at any of our products. The morning tour takes place at 11.00AM and the afternoon one at 5.00PM. Those two activities are offered to the public audiences, anyone could join them and the majority of the times, these walking tours in Madrid are guided in English language. If you have a private request for a VIP group, a college/university class or even a hen party in Madrid please do send us ean email to bookings@cooltourspain.com and our team will answer to your submission in less than 24 hours. We also arrange activities in Spanish & French languages or at any time that it’s of your interest.

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walking tours in Madrid city center

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