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The biggest video art festival in Madrid will be here soon! PROYECTOR

PROYECTO, a video art festival in Madrid will celebrate its 12th edition from September 11th to 22nd.

  • The event gives the opportunity to visit over 100 video-art works, video-installations, site-specific pieces and interactive works for free during these 12 days in its 14 art centres all around Madrid.
  • Renowned conceptual artist Mateo Maté will present his work “Viajo para conocer mi geografía (I travel to know my terrain)” in Conde Duque and teach a free course in Sala El Águila.
  • Magiae Naturalis will create a dark room complemented by a familiar workshop in a military tent inside Conde Duque’s courtyard. 

PROYECTOR, the biggest video art festival in Madrid.

Madrid will become the capital of video art collecting more than a hundred video-creations by 50 national and international artists in 14 venues of the city.

The interaction between human beings and social networks, the fear, the memory and the trauma, the political and the social, the construction of space, among others, will be some of the main topics to dwell in the venues.

How is the festival organized?

Video-art works have been produced by artists selected by an open call and thanks to the participation of renowned artists invited by the festival: national and international key figures able to constantly redefine video-art boundaries started in the 60’s of the twentieth century. Professionals coming from England, North Africa, Greece, India, Pakistan, Japan and Taiwan will offer us a gaze towards video-art in South-East Asia.

This year, artists’ works will be displayed in approximately 60 formats: video projectors, 8mm and 16mm, screens, monitors, tablets, phones…

What’s the agenda for this video art festival in Madrid?

The beginning of the festival will take place on 11th September at 19:30h in El Instante Fundación. The team LABO K, formed by Simon Guiochet and Frank Lawrence, will display a filmic video-performance produced from films made in 16mm and Super 8. In this venue, visitors will be guided by Fobos as an element able to subvert the reality. We can find among them Huang I-Hsiang’s site-specific work, created for PROYECTOR 2019 in his artistic residence, which talks us about the digital illusion and the fear of disorder in reality’s perception. Lukas Marxt, supported by the Foro Cultural de Austria en Madrid, will display Two Skies, which shows us an impossible horizon, a paradoxical game based on infinities that match soul fears with dangerous vortexes.

video art festival in Madrid, 2019 edition

On 12th September at 19:30h we shall be inaugurating CRUCE along with works which talk about Memory and Trauma. Among the artists displaying their works, we will see the Argentinian Javier Olivera’s video-installation Monuments: a proposal linked to cinema, expanded documentary and special intervention in which personal footage is used.

At 21:30h visitors will be able to enjoy open-air video-art and reflect on What’s Political and social in ¡ésta es una PLAZA! located in Doctor Fourquet 24. By Rues de l’Égalite, Catherine Radosa will make a performance around Lavapiés and display her walk by bike in Paris while carrying a “Rues de l’Égalite” flag, reactivating the city’s republican history currently marked by speculation and tourism industry. We will also watch Blanca Gracia Gallego‘s “Hipnosis para encontrar tu lugar en el Mundo”, a recipe for magic recovering and utopia in our actual violent world. The day will come to an end with an improvised audio about a generative video made by Iván Puñal (aka The Pleasant View).

On 13th September at 17:30h, there will be an encounter in Conde Duque among the artists Elena Lavellés, Bárbara Fluxá, Amaya Hernández Sigüenza, Anna Gimein, Chen Wan-Jen, Wu Chia-Yun, Wang Lien-Cheng and Huang I-Xiang, who will discuss with Inés Molina about the displayed work in the visual art festival in Madrid and the relation with her career.

At 19:30h: “Luces, Polvo, Materiales: la construcción del espacio” will be inaugurated. Renowned concept artist Mateo Maté will make us reflect on tensions inside domestic space via his site-specific video-installation “Viajo para conocer mi geografía”.

At the weekend, on 14th September at 17:00h the course “Europa mira al Este” will take place in Sala El Águila, on which 4 curators will present works from India, Pakistan, Taiwan, japan, Greece and North Africa. At 19:00h Març Rabal will be given the Teresa Sapey-PROYECTOR Award and the doors will open so that everyone can visit the artists’ works whose starting points for the creation are music and sound art: Hacia una breve historia de la música (en cinco piezas de videoarte). Ricardo Moreno’s interactive video-installation, Cantos de libertad, will get the spectator into a tiny cage where he will dwell as if he were a bird.

artist performing live

At 21:30h, visitors will be able to interact with Medialab Prado’s facade thanks to Smile, you are on a camera, a Wang Lien-Cheng’s piece. The work will enable the visitors to become aware of the mental process which generates an emotional response such us smiling, matching it with the information overload we consume every day and then appreciate how this gesture is played down and stereotyped.

On Sunday, starting at 12:00h, Chen Wan-Jen will talk us in Extensión AVAM (Matadero, Madrid) about a dialogue between the physical object and the virtual image through his video-installation I Have Come to a Place Where Depression Caught Me out of the Blue.

Laboratories at the video art festival in Madrid.

On Sunday 15th, from 11:00h to 14:00h, Magiae Naturalis’ familiar workshop Cámara Oscura will take place in Conde Duque. During the second week of PROYECTOR, we will be able to attend Sala El Águila’s workshop Del dicho al hecho hay un buen trecho by Mateo Maté, Instituto Cervantes’s encounter about Videoarte, Cine expandido y Nuevos Medias, CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo’s Encuentro con Paloma Polo, and Sala Alcalá 31’s professional encounters Una mirada al sureste and Videoarte en el panorama nacional.

Although there are limited places for the activities in this video art festival in Madrid, seats can be reserved.

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