This urban garden in Madrid is the perfect spot for street art

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The name ‘Esto es una Plaza’ would be translated into ‘This is a square’, but far from being just a place where people from different cultures gather, what’s the story behind it? Do you know about it? Let’s travel in time in order to discover what this urban garden in Madrid is; a place to create, located in Calle Doctor Fourquet, that we visit during our street art tour.

Our personal pick: the most rewarding urban garden in Madrid.

Urban garden in Madrid featuring street art

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Entrance of the Urban garden in Madrid


Similarly to what has happened to places like El Campo de Cebada or La Tabacalera, this urban garden in Madrid used to be an abandoned space, owned by the city council. It was during a meeting in 2008 at La Casa Encendida when a group of neighbors discussed about the uses that this area could receive.

It all started with the creation of a community area: a 5A side football field, a badminton court, a market and a small theatre. Who did work on all of it? Well, it was the action from volunteers what brought the beginnings of this project. People observed the interest from others and decided to open Esto es una Plaza during the weekends.

All the altruism and work developed by local neighbors was “destroyed” on 10th December 2008 when city council workers locked the place permanently. Despite of the problem, a new project was presented in February 2009 to Madrid’s governing body. They didn’t answer to this submission and people broke into the square.

Once again, the city council threw all the work away by breaking in but the desire of continuing the project never gave up. “They wanted to bury us but didn’t know we were seed.” A cultural association settled in December 2009, obtaining half of the concession for the square. Esto es una plaza, the most beautiful garden in Madrid which operates in Calle Doctor Fourquet since then.”

Urban garden in Madrid at Lavapiés neighborhood


Local communities gather at this urban garden in Madrid

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What is this urban garden in Madrid looking for?

1-. It’s the interest of the association created at this public place to renew the concession to continue running the space.

2-. Not dying from popularity. A lot of people meet in the afternoons at Esto es una Plaza. An important amount of those who visit this urban garden in Madrid do it for smoking purposes and local neighbors have set the goal to create a free smoking place. Will they achieve it? We hope so.

3-. Improve the relationship with the local city council by creating workshops and offering an alternative to the list of urban garden in Madrid.

4-. Create an impact over Lavapiés gentrification as there are many private initiatives offered but not that many community related project.

5-. Become a 0 LEVEL waste production project. That would mean that people is socially involved with the project, and everyone keeps their trash and recycles it.

This urban garden in Madrid is the perfect spot for street art


Curated artwork & illegal stuff at this urban garden in Madrid

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Our opinion for this urban garden in Madrid.

People who created Esto es una Plaza did an amazing job! It is very difficult to find a public spot in downtown Madrid like this. The street art that exists in place creates a wonderful atmosphere. It will make you spend your morning with your kid in this park, or enjoy a sunny afternoon with your friends by the wooden stage.