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Urban art in Malasana

The lifestyle of this popular neighborhood is a mixture between the trendy & hispter people who move-in from other countries and locals who commit to the conservation of one of the oldest areas in town! These 2 opposing spirits might be seen as the urban art in Malasana decorates stores around Plaza 2 de Mayo: metal shutters, windows and walls are painted by the graffiti community in Madrid. Here we show you a tiny amount of what can be seen in the district. Check it out!

Installations created to improve the urban art in Malasana.

Different installations were created around Plaza 2 de Mayo. The heart of Malasaña featured an exhibition created by Joni Punto, an artist who discussed over the term Gentrification. Ever heard of it? It is the process by which working-class and empoverished neighborhoods are completely changed, by new-comers who move in usually part of the upper society classes. The urban art in Malasana might also be observed in Calle Galeria de Robles

Graffiti and urban art in Malasana

Oscar Guerra/ flickr

Urban art in Malasana, Bolardo voy Bolardo vengo

R2hox/ Flickr

When traffic signals and windows make the urban art in Malasana…

Madrid based project Yipi Yipi Yeah creates so meaningful decorations on the traffic signals. They are present on the urban art in Malasana and Lavapiés areas with their street art techniques in Madrid. Have you seen any of the plastic vynil decorations? They signed the running of the bulls in Pamplona, gay marriage in Chueca and many more! Check YYY‘s instagram page!

Pinta Malasana is an alternative festival in Madrid. Why is it interesting? More than 100 artists get to the streets in a curated event where almost all stores decorate their metal shutters and windows! Taina Almodovar was last years’ edition champion, decorating a dance at La Rue, bar & creperie. The festival of urban art in Malasana is celebrated in the month of April where thousands of people celebrate art in the streets!.

Traffic signals decorate the urban art in malasana

R2hox/ Flickr

Window decorations are featured in the urban art in Malasana

R2hox/ flickr

The urban art in Malasana by Cassassola and C215.

Spain and France are such beautiful countries watered by The Mediterranean Sea. Artists decorate Madrid and Paris, both capital cities full of street art. The urban art in Malasana might be seen through the eyes of two artists, C215 and Cassassola. Christian Guemy is a 137k followers stencil master! Have you seen any of his artwork at any other International city? Raul Munoz is a fine arts student who has been decorating Madrid streets for over a decade. The murals he create are dope! Aren’t they?

Urban art in Malasana, center district

R2hox/ flickr

Cassassola created the urban art in Malasana

R2hox/ flickr

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