Urban art in Malasaña. Where to find the best street art in the area?

Sabek and JM Yes for the urban art in Malasaña

Many of you may have chosen this hipster, but at the same time classic area as a choice for accommodation, and we will now give you information on where to find the best urban art in Malasaña district.


Pay attention as this article includes directions and exact details on where to photograph the most colorful artists & graffitis in Malasaña.

  • Pinta Malasaña
  • Solar Antonio Grilo
  • Plaza de los cubos
  • Yasta Club
  • E1000
  • Hans & Nean
  • Boa Mistura
  • El Rey de la Ruina
  • Don Iwana
  • RBN Kunst

What places would we recommend you go to check the best urban art in Malasaña?

It isn’t difficult to spot artworks in the middle of the road as the neighborhood has a very young spirit.

There are many trendy bars, vintage clothing stores and several art galleries which allow artists to paint their metal shutters, windows and faccades.

pinta malasaña festival

1-. Pinta Malasaña

This street art festival in Madrid is celebrated yearly, around the month of April. Hundreds of local, national and international artists decorate on commission and attract visitors from all over city.

A local crew called NSN997 won the 2019 award thanks to their artwork entitled ‘Brotherhood’. They recorded a video showing the whole process.

It was amazing!!!

*If you are an artist interested in participating, these are some facts that may interest you:

  • The time given to paint is just one day.
  • 800€, 500€ and 300€ are the prices available!
  • Open to graffiti writers, street art artists, illustrators, graphic designers & painters.

2-. Solar Antonio Grilo

Cassassola created urban art in Malasaña

A local community project occupied an abandoned slot in Calle Antonio Grilo and now runs a beautiful urban garden opened to everybody.

Both ‘El Rey de la Ruina’ and Casassola have painted the exterior and interior walls. There is also a ‘1UP‘ graffiti on the side wall.

‘El huerto’ (garden/ as they refer to the project) speacilly meets during the weekends, scheduling organic food markets, summer cinema sessions or recycling workshops.

It is located next to Mercado de los Mostenses, an off the beaten local market that we would recommend you to check.

The exact direction is as follows:

  1. Get off Metro station ‘Santo Domingo’ (line #3).
  2. Walk for 250 meters on Calle San Bernardo.
  3. Turn left on Calle Antonio Grilo
  4. The spot for the best urban art in Malasaña is on your right hand side.

3-. Plaza de los Cubos

There is a 200 meters hall way next to Plaza España that is worth the visit if you like street art & graffiti.


It’s a street art festival with a social aim. The side walls are decorated yearly by national renowned street art artists such as:

  • Sabek & JM Yes
  • Concreto
  • Son3k & Julieta XLF
  • Antonio Marest
  • Chylo
Picture by Oscar Guerra

3-. Yasta Club on Calle de Valverde, 10.

One of the longest-standing electronic music clubs in Madrid features the best urban art in Malasaña!

This location might be spotted on your way from Plaza del Dos de Mayo towards Plaza de España.

Dourone, the artists featured in the image, studied the digital fragmentation of objects around, the place itself and the people from the local community to create this masterclass!

urban art in Calle Valverde

Who are the local artists that contributed to the urban art in Malasaña?

Cooltourspain team members are proud to show you several local artists who are painting, in some cases anonymously, the roads with graffiti and street art.

e1000 metalic bars

4-. E1000

Read the name fast, with a Spanish or French pronunciation. Are you listening to ‘Emile’?

That’s the artistic name that this local artist uses while creating his urban decorations in the street. He mostly works in metal bars of windows and doors.

He has exhibited his urban art in Malasaña along Calle de la Palma and San Vicente Ferrer, just to mention a few.

5-. Hans & Nean, the short word for ‘Pegatineando’ (sticking)

Streets illustrated, or Hans & Nean, is a stickers’ partnership established in Alcorcón, Madrid.

They create Space Invaders style artworks, pasting tile figures in Madrid’s streets. A face of a basket is always visible through different actions & events.

Check their work in Plaza del Dos de Mayo, Malasaña’s busiest & alive square.

urban art in malasaña by streets illustrated

6-. Boa Mistura

One of Madrid’s best-known street art crews also collaborated to decorate the urban art in Malasaña. Check their black & white creations.

Their studio is located in Calle San Hermenegildo with Calle San Dimas. They are very friendly and will show you their studio and creations on the opposite street.

They have travelled all over the world to paint their social messages & stamp their signature. Some of the places include:

  • Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
  • Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic
  • Akron, United States
firmeza is the work signed by boa mistura

7-. El Rey de la Ruina

SR64 is the name hidden here

You may have seen his hearts all over the city. He paints mostly on metal shutters in just 3 minutes. So quick!

His skills with the spray paint have been used to create stencils and pattern figures at the exterior wall of Solar Antonio Grilo.

El Rey de la Ruina not only contributes to the best urban art in Malasaña, but also leads our graffiti workshops in Madrid. It’s such a pleasure to share our time with him!

8-. Don Iwana

One of Madrid’s most followed graffiti writers. For such a long time he has painted graffiti walls in Madrid, whether legally or illegally, and he’s now considered as an refuted influencer in the graffiti style.

You may see his artwork at Montana Store in Calle del Caballero de Gracia, 9 and purchase any of the pages from his blackbook on Instagram.

Don Iwana graffiti madrid

9-. RBN Kunst

Colorful characters interact with pedestrians as they walk by. Have you ever seen any of these fun creatures?

They are all around Pinta Malasaña!

Ruben is a local artist whose street art decorate the walls of El Keller, an old tobacco factory in Lavapiés, 30 minutes walking from the graffitis in Malasaña.

urban art in malasaña madrid

What’s our opinion about the urban art in Malasaña?

Cooltourspain believes that any kind of artistic creation adding color and beauty to the streets should have a space in public areas.

The urban art in Malasaña has the power to positively impact the neighbors and the businesses around, never damaging the community.

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