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Test: How much do you know of graffiti in Madrid?

Please find the answers to this test about graffiti in Madrid at the end of this article.

We have to admit that we are so lucky about spending our time while working on the best things on Earth: street art. After such a long time dedicated to graffiti in Madrid, we became experts on the field and can now say that we are the first English speaking street art community based in Madrid. Interesting? Wait! We want to check your knowledge. We prepared a brief test for you to check. Here it is…

1-. Who is the most famous graffiti writer from the 80’s?

There are not that many tags left in town created by him, but you may find his artwork behind a scaffolding on calle Montera. It’s been recovered so that visitors can learn more stories abour the graffiti in Madrid. Did you know that police officers even asked him for his signature while on service? His name is Juan Carlos Argüello and he signed as MUELLE.

#lienzodepared 🙂

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2-. What is one of the most active graffiti & bombing crews?

They have travelled all around Europe to develop their artwork, and if you are a cercanias user who doesn’t fall sleep while on train, you might have seen them. They are called RON’S CREW and they usually paint using the statement “Remember our names”. Two of the most active members of this crew are KORS and CHUSO.

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3-. What will you see while travelling around M30 or M40 roads? Best graffiti in Madrid.

These 2 circle roads are probably the best catwalk for street artists. No matter where you go that you will find a wall covered by tags and names. SCANER has been on task for ages now, and usually risks his life by painting on the electric boards. Have you ever asked yourself when do they do it? Stay focused, he might be painting one night out.

4-. What do you prefer, the outskirts or the citycentre?

We grew up in a neighborhood called Hortaleza during the 90’s. This area has provided many artists to this underground movement. For instance we may mention PASTRON#7, who is on his late 30’s but still taking the best out of him while bombing

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5-. Is the graffiti in Madrid a game for kids?

Most of the graffiti artists that we have met and some of the street artists we have interviewed mentioned that they were introduced to graffiti at a very early stage, almost when they were 12 years old. They have been bombing since that age and one of the most seen tags in Madrid is FARLOPA. It’s not a single person, if not a community.

#bucharest #farlopa #farlopacrew #wrongsideofthetracks #graffiti #35mm @buchawrestlers

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6-. Do you know the difference between graffiti and street art?

The street art industry is problematic itself. How many of you would consider it as art and how many as an ilegal action? KERAL is one of those artists from Madrid who grew up in the graffiti movement and moved towards the street art style, always keeping his background and the hiphop style alive.

7-. Do you know any graffiti painted at Madrid’s metro?

The most dangerous the risks, the most popularity you will acquire if you are an artist of graffiti in Madrid. Among those names we find PAPIS, a group of friends who love painting at the most difficult places (sometimes violating the laws)…

Don’t forget that we run a unique street art experience in Madrid every weekend. Don’t forget to visit this page to know the answers for this test.

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