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Street art in Vallecas

Visiting the outskirts of a city might give you the right, or best, impression of how do local people live. That’s what happens in this working class neighborhood placed in the south-east corner of the city. The street art in Vallecas features international graffiti artists who left their artwork in the area years ago. They are still well conserved, thus we think if you are interested in observing the best street art in Madrid this would be a unique opportunity. Check it out!

R2hox photographed the street art in Vallecas

R2hox/ flickr

Amazing street art in vallecas

R2hox/ Flickr

The street art in Vallecas around its traditional food market.

As you might be aware by now, we want to show you the alternative Madrid. Taking that goal in mind, we would like to make you aware that every neighborhood has its own food market. Close to Sierra de Guadalupe metro station you will find in Calle Sierra Morena one of them (completely the opposite idea of San Miguel Market). It is on the Villa de Vallecas market surroundings were you will find the artwork created by Nómada and Pelucas. Check these two murals! Aren’t they beautiful creations worth a visit?

First picture on your left handside is entitled “El puerro Vallekano” (Vallecan’s leek). The author painted a leek in different situations representing the nice and charming people he found in the neighborhood while in Madrid. Less favoured people but socially powerfull!

Second mural refers to an unshod person pulling a carriage where a woman is playing chess with the death. Insteresting, huh? (Click on the image for more details)

Street art in Vallecas on the way to Villaverde.

Walking towards another working class style neighborhood you will find two murals located on Calle de la Sierra de Palomeras & Calle Cabeza Mesada. The street art in Vallecas is represented by Sixe and Nano4814.

“El espiritu de la montaña” (mountain’s spirit) was created by the famous Barcelona born artist Sixe Paredes. He painted a colorful mountain design because his idea of a connection between the natural & magical landscape and our inner selves. On the other side of the page, Nano painted over a pumbler’s add, changing the commercial into a circular shape where 4 clowns are choreographing.

The street art in Vallecas, Madrid

R2hox/ Flickr

Street art in Vallecas, Madrid's neighborhood.

R2hox/ flickr

Argentinian street art in Vallecas.

The connection between hispanic countries brought Hyuro and JAZ to paint in the neighborhood. The street art in Vallecas is favoured thanks to the work of an anonymous female artist who now lives in Valencia and the amazing creation of Franco Fasoli, an argentinian artists designing this particular style animals all over the world. We are even thinking about adding these walls to a street art mural tour in Madrid. Interested in participating?

Whole faccade for the street art in Vallecas

R2hox/ flickr

Big murals & street art in Vallecas

R2hox/ flickr

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