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Street art in tetuan

Tetuán is a classic neighborhood in Madrid’s history. It receives its name from the Moroccan city of Tetouan, located in the north of the country and it is not too difficult to observe while walking over the area, that there exist a big community of Moroccan citizens who started to live in the area. Dominican people also decided to move over Plaza de la Remonta, the most important square around Calle Bravo Murillo. For those of you who are interested in the street art in Tetuan, you might observe it almost once you get off from Tetuan metro station (line number 1).

The street art in Tetuán over Calle Marqués de Viana.

Besides Cooltourspain, Madrid paisaje urbano is a public website which uploads useful information related to the graffiti community in town. It is there where you will find a complete map that will show you the exact locations of the street art in Tetuan. First street we would recommend you to visit is Calle Marqués de Viana, where a handfull of mural displays will wait for you and your camera! Ready?

The street art in tetuan food markets

R2hox/ flickr

Street art in Tetuan, close to Plaza Castilla area

R2hox/ Flickr

The street art in Tetuan by Spanish artists.

David de la Mano and Pablo Sanchez Herrero are the Spanish artists behind some of the street art in Tetuan. The hypertube project represents a place to meet for the locals. 2 x 2,5 meters concrete tubes thatcreate a different landscape where the artists encourage all audiences to play! Are you in the game?

E1000 is a well-known artist in Madrid’s roads. He decorates metal bars from windows and doors, integrating his name into the landscape. Also, he integrates the surfaces/objects given while painting and add them in the murals he creates. Can you get to see the small windows included in the geometrical figures of the right hand side picture? If you ever want to do something similar in the building you live in, just send us a message over our facebook channel or join our street art tour in Madrid.

The street art in tetuan is multidimensional

R2hox/ Flickr

Faccades are decorated with street art in tetuan neighborhood

R2hox/ flickr

Can mutants/spies collaborate with the street art in Tetuan?

Lalivingston is a crew of graffiti writers and digital editors who added their signature to the landscape of Calle Jose Calvo last 2012. It’s been a while since they collaborated with the street art in Tetuan, but one of our top recommendations for a nice walk in the neighborhood. The next artist observed is Spy, an urban designer who painted 150 surveillance cameras. All of them are fake, but let’s the observers imagine who is behind the security. Would you like to be observed 24/7 and controlled at all times? Interesting point of view the one he shared.

The colorful street art in Tetuan

R2hox/ flickr

Street art in Tetuan, calle almortas

R2hox/ flickr

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