C215. street art in Malasaña

Street art in Malasaña: 8 artists not to miss!

Walking around the city centre of Madrid, we discovered the most fascinating street art in Malasaña.

Our friend Melissa came last year to Spain as an auxiliar de conversación. She has been working in a public school located in the outskirts of Madrid since October. We firstly met through one of the language exchanges offered at La Bicicleta and it was during December 2016 when she discovered with us the best street art in Malasaña. She mentioned “it’s been incredible to observe graffiti, stencils and stickers at the most uncommon locations.” Today we wanted to share with you a summary of the artists we observed!

1-. Nuria Mora, -post-graffiti contemporary artist.-

When walking around Malasaña, we observed that there were some murals which offered ‘a place for free thinking’. Something created spontaneously which uses an open language to talk about daily situations in the city life. Have you mentioned any performances in the area which are similar to this?

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2-. Christian Guemy, C215-post-graffiti contemporary artist.-

This Parisian street artist focused on stencil graffiti likes to interact with the context and usually designs homeless people, smokers, street kids, or bench lovers. It makes us happy to know he choose Malasaña for his street art.

@christianguemy performance in #malasaña as seen with our friends from #MSAP. Madrid 2016

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3-. Gonzalo Borondo, -the necessity of painting turned to art.-

It is in Madrid where this artist from Valladolid started to develop his artwork in 2003. He has now painted worldwide and different galleries have showcased his SOLO artwork. He includes the theme of the sacrum, the human behavior and the fragility of the psyche in his way of thinking.

4-. El Tono, -post-graffiti contemporary artist.-

Looking for the street art in Malasaña might be a difficult task at points. Some artists decided that it was about time that hunters would have to be part of the game and observe around their way with the 5 senses. ElTono has performed with Nuria Mora and you will find him very close to Plaza de Santa Maria Soledad Torres Acosta, next to Callao sq.

C/ Cruz, Madrid, 07/2015 #madrid #madridcentro #eltono

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5-. Ze Carrión, -madrileño style representing.-

It is very difficult to observe the street art in Malasaña and have a dissapointing feeling. That also happens when you observe Carrión’s artwork. He painted his first graffiti by the age of 12 at the M30 road in Madrid, and we could say that he is politically incorrect. Have you also seen his artwork at La Neomudejar?

6-. Raul Muñoz, Casassola-post-graffiti contemporary artist.-

By the time this artist discovered that there was a trick at a street art competition he signed, Muñoz decided to quit studying Fine arts in its ‘official’ term and do it with graffiti on the streets. Casassola is now the content curator of different galleries and festivals and you may find the street art in Malasaña associated with any of his nicknames “psilocivic people”, “Trule”, “Nene No” or “Kinki Clown”.

Icaro, vuela alto aunque el sol queme tus alas. #casassola #streetart #painting #condeduque #arteurbano #madrid

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7-. Toni Arribas, El rey de la Ruina-post-graffiti contemporary artist.-

You might have seen his artwork all around Madrid. Have you ever noticed a heart with veins or a face displayed with the numbers 4 and 6? (con un 6 y un 4 hago la cara de tu retrato). Malasaña is one of his favourite neighborhoods where to paint. Do you know the reason? We know it, but you should join our Street art Tour in order to discover it.

Hasta cuando quieras

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8-. E1000, -post-graffiti contemporary artist.-

It’s easy to discover the street art in Malasaña if you have to look at other areas different than the walls. Have you ever focused on the iron bars from windows and door buildings? Even, you can look at them with a different point of view and observe incredible creations!