Architecture and street art in Málaga

Street art in Málaga: must see graffiti artists

Street art in Málaga: Andalucia’s spirit.

Spain offers the best and most authentic murals around Europe. As springtime has arrived, why not taking some time off from hustle and bustle of the city and let your senses feel the blossoms of the new season with the best street art in Málaga.

To us and many other travellers, the best way to discover a city is by walking, taking the streets not everyone has taken before. Besides amazing tapas bar-chiriguitos, way awesome art scene and museums, Feria de Málaga topped with non-stop partying, Málaga offers very cool graffitis for the ones who are curious enough.

1) MAUS project, street art in Málaga at SOHO District.

Barrio de Las Artes is probably the most colored neighborhood in all Málaga. Artists such as Boa Mistura, Obey or Felipe Pantone have decorated the streets of SOHO for the past two years. It has turned into a yearly event, where people from all over the city get to the area between south Alameda area and Heredia Pier.

graffiti vandals. street art in Málaga

Steven Gerner/ flickr

Urban regeneration.

Graffiti artists from all over the world are sometimes considered vandals, but we want to prove that the Street art in Málaga is showing how these young (and not that young) fellows are turning cities into open-air museums.

street art in málaga at Soho district.

Leo Hidalgo/ flickr

Social Dialogue

Walking through El Perchel bridge could bring you memories about other experiences similar to the street art in Málaga. Where else have you seen faccades such as these in the picture? Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia…


2) Contemporary art center in Málaga.

Main shooping street Calle Larios is at the heart of the city, facing the seaside. Take a walk southeast towards Málaga downtown where CAC Málaga is at. It is the contemporary art gallery to visit whenever you are there. Besides the permanent collection, it has hosted the one and only Shephard Fairey’s first solo exhibition in a Spanish museum- Your eyes here.

street art in málaga, Spain

Leo Hidalgo/ flickr

Cultural tourism,

CAC showcases different exhibitions all year long. The street art in Málaga is monthly represented here! Don’t miss it!

Centro arte contemporáneo street art in Málaga

Leo Hidalgo/ flickr

Urban and modern art

The quality at SOHO rose up mainly because the street art in Málaga has a social and cultural point of view: showing the non-touristic and non-commercial spots to visitors while at Costa del Sol.


3) Martiricos neighborhood, street art in Málaga.

Martiricos could be the most similar area to neighborhoods such as Malasaña in Madrid or El Raval in Barcelona. They have turned metal shutters from private and public spaces into art catwalks. Did you mention that the paste-ups and throw-ups in the area increased since the 2016?

street art in málaga, dadi dreucol

Mertxe Iturrioz/ flickr

Dadi Dreucol.

The artist whose name read backwards means “locuerdidad”. He defines his characters as someone who represents the different communities exisintg in any given society.

street art in málaga, soho's camaleon

Álvaro Remusal/ flickr

Andalucía’s urbanity

Travellers are looking for new experiences when they travel. Companies such as Like a Local Guide or Get Your Guide will connect you with local graffiti artists. Have you ever participated in any of this kind?


3) The Riverwalk in Málaga, SP.

Alternatively to the areas shown in this post, you can walk by the riverwalk (not as fancy as the one in San Antonio, TX) in order to discover the street art in Málaga. There, hundreds of tags will be waiting for you to shoot them with your 9mm camera. Did you charge the battery?

Architecture and street art in Málaga

Marta Nimeva Nimeviene/ flickr


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