The street art in Barcelona attracts visitors and locals alike

How is the street art in Barcelona being affected by the independence?

Many years ago Barcelona was the graffiti capital of the world where artists from all countries congregated with talent for this kind of art. Still, Ciudad Condal is one of the most important European capitals, but how is the Street art in Barcelona being affected by the independance movement? What is your opinion?

The street art in Barcelona and the independence as seen from an insider point of view.

Ze Carrion performed for the street art in Barcelona

Ze Carrión

The street art in Barcelona last month of October


Over the phone, Miriam from Rebobinart project answered our questions. Based on her opinion, the street art in Barcelona has not been affected at all (yet) by the independence movement. She thinks that #streetart is a cultural expression that will remain out of all forms of government and will always belong to private/personal initiatives.

This association created in 2009 developed a project which turned metal shutters into a colorful display of art. Rebobinart artists talked to business owners who allowed artists to decorate their stores/bars every other 80 days. That was only the beginning as they are now part of Murs Lliures, a Barcelona-based plan which allows artists from all over the world to paint graffiti walls legally in town. Related to this, Miriam answered that visitors/travellers usually get to the city over the summer time and there is not a positive/negative consequence that could be discussed yet.

Talking about the graffiti art in Barcelona, Miriam mentioned that it is a fact that you could now observe more tags and statements related to the process that is trying to make Catalonya a Republic inside the Spanish territory.

The street art in Barcelona representing freedom of speech


Stencil and street art in Barcelona


TV BOY, graffiti writer in Barcelona since 2004.

Counting with the opinion from a Barcelona-based graffiti writer was as important as hearing the point of view from a collective project. In that terms, TV Boy is an Italian born urban pop artist who started painting in 1996. He now has achieved the recognition from the international community and we asked him about his thoughts on how the street art in Barcelona is being affected by the process. We may probably know him by the kiss of Messi and Ronaldo.

Rajoy closing down a school and the street art in Barcelona

Make precinto great again

The street art in Barcelona attracts visitors and locals alike

La Tercera Vía

We asked Salva (his real name) what are the effects produced by the anticonstitutional movement and he mentioned that not only there is more undercover police officers’ presence in the streets, but a decrease in the number of graffiti writers who paint illegaly at La ciudad condal. TV BOY added that the finest works, which require more time in its development have also descended in number.

His blue thoughts are also for the artists. Their goal is to have their artwork in the street for the longest time possible, but it’s almost impossible nowadays as the creations will only last hours.

La Tercera vía represents the kiss of Mariano Rajoy and Carles Puigdemont. La Vanguardia, a Catalonian-based newspaper, talked about this artist last July, months before the illegal voting process held during 1st October 2017. “The third way” aimed to find a dialogued solution for this political conflict in Spain. Right after it, TV BOY created “The match of the year” (El partido del año) because it reflected about the tense moment that the society was living in, specially when the unfortunate police brutal attacks took place.

Cooltourspain asked Salvatore about the city council commitment towards erasing statements such as “Jordis Lliures” or “Free Catalunya”. He answered that graffiti & street art is probably erased quicker than usual. “As a matter of fact, my artwork longed just for a few hours. People photographed a city countil worker ripping off the kiss. The worker added that it was for the sake of the city.”

Puigdemont as seen by a street art in Barcelona artist

Harry Puigdemont

The graffiti and street art in Barcelona


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