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Street Art Guide

A Street art guide to check how well do you know Madrid? A local artist’s point of view.

Whether you are a local, a permanent resident or a short-time visitor in Madrid we have written a short guide that will explore the unusual parts related to Street Art. Read the following lines for a better understanding of what is impressive to visit in our city. Check out these places as all of them will surprise you. It’s surprising how many people have heard of it but never visit the locations… All our facebook reviews receive positive feedback and five-star ratings in showing new places to our Street Art Tour visitors. You can also combine your visit with any of the restaurants from our selection.

Who are the most famous artists in Madrid? Past and present.

  • MUELLE: Considered as the pioneer of the graffiti style in Spain; police even asked him for an autograph. RIP Muelle.
  • PASTRON#7:  A master in the train writing techniques and escaping from the police.
  • SUSO33: Closely linked to the live performance and the mural style. One of his last pieces of art work was painting a whole truck which was taken on the roads around Spain.

Which 6 places should I visit? The ultimate guide not to miss the best Street Art spots in Madrid.

CAV La Neomudejar. Street art. Madrid.

© Giovanni Colomo

CAV La Neomudejar,
-Madrid’s Avant Garde Center.-

If we were to write aTripadvisor review for this place, it would be something like this: “No other place in Madrid exists like La NEO. A must see. 10/10″.

La Tabacalera's Street art display.

© Giovanni Colomo

CSO La Tabacalera,
-Not only a warehouse.-

A former tobacco factory funded by the people, not the government, which showcases marvelous graffiti displays at its “catacombs” and offers several free workshops.

Campo de Cebada @ La Latina. Street art.

rh2ox/ flickr

Campo de Cebada,
-La Latina’s essence.-

Madrid‘s basin created by locals in order to protest against the council’s inefficiency in the building of a community sports center.

Malasaña neighbourhood, Street art in Madrid

r2hox/ flickr

-Trendy & Hipster.-

No other neighborhood in Madrid has been able to connect with the young visitors as well as this area. Brought back from its shady past, Malasaña is somewhere everyone wants to live in.

Street art from Africa in Lavapiés

rh2ox/ flickr

-World of ethnicities.-

Indians, Moroccans and Senegalese make a huge difference in the area creating a multicultural environment where to follow the Street art in Madrid.

Vallecas, the outskirts' Street art

rh2ox/ flickr

Tetuán & Vallecas,
-The working class.-

Last but not least, Madrid’s outskirts offer some incredible murals to be photographed. These barrios are far from downtown, so be prepared for a metro ride.

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