Colorful wolf as seen on the sticker art in madrid

Who is Who? Sticker art in Madrid

Discover the huge community of sticker art in Madrid:

It is our effort to share with our community the knowledge we have gained with the time about the sticker art in Madrid. This is the first article that we publish about one of the many existing street art techniques used by local artists to create their work. Would you like to guess who they are?


This colorful tiger decorates faccades and mettal shutters in different parts of town. Bloo collaborates with Wolf street artist and you will see them together the majority of times. Not only he decorates the tiger’s face but also his whole body in different situations.

Sticker art in madrid created with an 80-90 gr. paper

R2hox/ flickr

Artists use a mixture of water with a special glue to stick their artwork on the wall.

Different versions of the sticker art in Madrid

R2hox/ flickr

Bloo also uses stickers that are distributed all around the city, specially traffic signals.


Ever seen a tile-shaped figure or a “space invaders” lookalike sticker art in Madrid? Then we might start talking about an artist who celebrated its 18th anniversary on the streets by creating a ton of stickers with the slogan ‘I support Wolf’s invasion‘. They have been bombed all over the world, but if you didn’t get any you can ask for some on his IG account or order your manufactured prints at his sticker online shop

Walls covered by the sticker art in Madrid

R2hox/ flickr

As you can see there is a huge sticker art community in Madrid.

Colorful wolf as seen on the sticker art in madrid

R2hox/ flickr

Some of these artists trade their work so that you can see them in different parts of Europe.


Who is Curruncho mola mucho? It is the octopus that you will find in different shapes. He does not only create sticker art in Madrid, but throw-ups and interventions with markers. It’s part of ‘La Banda del rotu’ (The markers’ crew) and be aware that Curruncho will start painting pokemon figures this 2017.

sticker art in Madrid as captured by R2hox

R2hox/ flickr

Artists use a special paper in between 80 and 90 grams for their work to be stuck easily.

Sticker art in madrid with mufasa, curruncho and guitar

R2hox/ flickr

Curruncho has also participated in the decoration of several hostels in Madrid. Is the place where you are staying one of them?


This smiley face, similar to the one in Whatsapp, is featured in our street art tour in Madrid. Did you know that artists like Mufashes usually add egg white to the sticky mixture as this component is a natural glue? It also prevents the paste-ups to be easily removed from the wall or any given surface.

Sticker art in Madrid, downtown areas

R2hox/ flickr

Special clothing clomplements used by Mufasa for its Christmas edition.

Mufasa and the sticker art in madrid as snapped by R2hox

R2hox/ flickr

First, you paintroll the wall, then add the paste-up and glue it again. Finished work. Off you go!


There will always be several characters who we have created a special connection with. Hadsawit is one of them! Why? This flying peanut reminds us of our project. How is it possible that a peanut flies? How is it possible that a tiny project is starting to create such a huge impact in the street art community? Well, things happen because of a reason and that is called hardwork. Good job Hadsawit! Such a pleasure to show your work to others…

Sticker art in madrid by a flying peanut

R2hox/ flickr

Check your surroundings, you never know where this flying object will appear!

Local and international artists represent the best sticker art in madrid

R2hox/ flickr

Have you seen the sticky glue around the paste-up that we were mentioning?


This local artist goes a step ahead! Do you know the history behind the nurse that Por Favor sticks on the walls? Let us explain it! It all started when Por Favor was a little child and visited the ambulatorio (walk-in clinic) with his grandma. He reminds that there always was a lady who came out of a room asking patients to be silent please. Then we stuck those words in his head and many years later, a new stencil artist came alive! His signature also contains the two possible ways for a multiplication symbol to be expressed: X and a dot.

Por Favor is a local artist representing the best sticker art in Madrid

R2hox/ flickr

On your left hand side, you will observe Por Favor’s nurse asking you to be quiet please.

Sticker art in Madrid ft Por Favor

R2hox/ flickr

Either on a paper based intervention or a foam board, as seen on the right hand side of the picture.

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