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San Fermin

San Fermin, the world’s most famous running of the bulls event.

If you are thinking about planning your holidays in Spain during summer time but missed the astonishing Noche de San Juan, you better train for the running of the bulls from 6th to 14th July. People take over the streets during the San Fermin celebration, thousands of tourists arrive to the city and we would like to show you what to do in order to enjoy this event as a local would do. We visited Pamplona for the first time in 2010 and here are some tips you may find interesting to follow. Enjoy!

Everything you wanted to know about this festival in Pamplona.

First and foremost, if you do not want to (probably) end up hurt…avoid running if you have drunk the night before (it’s forbidden to participate and police could fine you!). It is a surprising 918 yards length track in which you will burn adreline, but as we have never run it and will never do it, good luck! Just listen to the firecracker explode, start running and be careful with the rest of runners in Pamplona.

Six ideas we could offer you due to our experience in San Fermin.

El chupinazo at San Fermin. Navarra.

© Patxi Uriz

El Chupinazo,
-Complete craziness.-

A picture is worth a thousand words and we’d like you to check the moment that settles San Fermin‘s kick off. El Chupinazo turns the Plaza Consistorial in a human tide you cannot miss at noon, July 6th .

Red and white pañuelada in San Fermin.

© Larrion & Pimoulier

Red & white,
-Unquestionable local color.-

There is something you have to bring (no matter where you come from) if you want to become a pamplonica: white pants & T-shirt, and a red bandana. That is the official outfit everyone wears for the whole week.

San Fermin typical breakfast: churros.

© Eduardo Buxens

Breakfast & TV,
-Let the day begin.-

Please go see the running of the bulls live if you’re a rookie; but if you prefer being quieter than the live event, enjoy a great breakfast with your friends in front of a TV at a local bar, then go to sleep.

Peñas & charangas. San Fermin. Pamplona.

© Larrion & Pimoulier

Charangas & Peñas,
-They know how to party.-

Children, teenagers and adults from local peñas parade at the bullring after each bullfight event, but if you also want to ‘follow the leader’, stay next to the charangas that bring the music to the streets every day.

Gigantes y cabezudos. San Fermin.

© Eduardo Buxens

Cabezudos parade,
-Not a simple march.-

If you prefer to see the friendly running of the bulls, ask any local about the Giants and bigheaded parade and they will refer you about where to go and enjoy in a different way.

Encierro, running of the bulls. San Fermin. Navarra.

© J. Campos

Get your spot,
-Don’t be a lazy cat.-

Thousands of people get to San Fermin and it’s almost impossible to have a good view of the running of the bulls unless you rent a balcony. Thus we’d recommend you to get a spot by 5.45 AM (the latest).

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