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Pilares Zaragoza

Call to all auxiliares and au-pairs in Spain! Eventhough your monthly salary doesn’t get over the 1,000€ for no more than 20 hours per week, there exists an incredible demand for native English teachers that could help you make at least 20€ an hour of work to earn an extra money to spend on travelling. Believe it or not, you won’t stop for a minute during your weekends and here is one of our many proposed road trips. Keep on reading to obtain further information about Pilares Zaragoza.

Fun facts about Pilares Zaragoza. How well you know the culture?

  • ‘El Torete’, a famous gipsy Spanish gangster filmed “Perros callejeros II: Busca y captura” in Zaragoza in 1979.
  • Zaragoza is the first city in the world which has its streets named with famous videogames’ characters.
  • There only exists one museum in Europe which only feautures Origamies (paper work).
  • The Expo 2008 was held in the capital of Aragon, Zaragoza.

These are not just 6 regular hints for visitors at Pilares Zaragoza.

The cathedral is the most touristic spot to see at Pilares Zaragoza.

Janira/ flickr

El Pilar cathedral,
-Complete Baroque style.-

One of the most popular shots for photographers and visitors in Zaragoza is the Basilica on the background with the Ebro River in front. Will you miss it? So beautiful!

Floral oblation at the Pilares Zaragoza.


Floral offering,
-An original creation.-

Ever seen a 180 ft deep massive virgin floral statue? It’s filled up by Maños who bring flowers to the park in front of El Pilar cathedral, where this sculpture is located.

Jota is a typical Spanish dance performed at the Pilares Zaragoza.


Aragonese Jota,
-Dancing in the local way!-

Meanwhile people dance sevillanas in Feria de Málaga, local maños get excited about Jotas, a not-so-difficult dance you’ll learn at Pilares Zaragoza. Just let it go with the flow, dude!

Big-headeds at Pilares Zaragoza.


Bigheads chase,
-Run not to get hit!-

Ask any Spaniard about charangas! None of their opinions you’ll receive will show indifference. Hate them or love them, you just need to follow the cabezudos at El Pilar!

Concerts at Pilares Zaragoza.


-How people party in ZGZ?-

A neighbourhood in Zaragoza called Valdespartera hosts a dozen concerts for the community aka peñas (group of friends). It was about time that young people took over the streets!

Street art as seen during the Pilares Zaragoza.

Cocumbrelibre/ flickr

El Tubo,
-Looking for the street art.-

Graffitis and ternasco, a local-style grilled lamb will be the perfect combination for your road trip to Pilares Zaragoza. El tubo: the area you were looking for!

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