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Nochevieja Universitaria

Nochevieja universitaria: the biggest celebration for college students in Spain!

College students (whether Spanish or international) usually travel back home when NYE approaches in order to celebrate with family and friends the beginning of the New Year. Do you know how do we celebrate the end of the year in Spain? If you do, you should also know that thousands of people get to Puerta del Sol in Madrid with their costume clothes, grapes and champaign to party, but for those of you who won’t be here for that time, there is an alternative celebration held in Salamanca called Nochevieja Universitaria. Keep on reading for more information!

How is Nochevieja universitaria celebrated? A short explanation!

This NYE fake celebration is held year after year at Salamanca‘s Main Square. More than 22,000 people from all over Spain attended last year edition! Party with your friends, enjoy the sightseeing of this beautiful city and listen to the best national Djs & live bands.

Remember to bring 12 grapes in Nochevieja to celebrate the “upcoming” year by midnight at this traditional celebration.

6 welcome tips for those Nochevieja Universitaria newbies!

Salamanca's Main Square as seen at Nochevieja Universitaria.


Main Square,
-Thousands of people.-

Better have an early arrival to Salamanca‘s main square if you want to secure your spot. Remember not to bring any glass recipients as security officers may take those bottles away from you.

Cooltourspain friends at Nochevieja Universitaria.


Meeting point,
-Arrive promptly on time.-

Buses from all over Spain get to the same location for the Nochevieja Universitaria event, but we’d like to advise you to be right on time unless you want to hitchhike back to your city.

Costume clothes as seen at Nochevieja Universitaria.


Costume clothes,
-Become the ugly duckling.-

Many people get dressed for the occasion. It’s probably one of the best ways to meet people and make new friends. They’ll stop you to take some photos: y’all be the coolest people in Salamanca.

Salamanca's cathedral as seen at Nochevieja Universitaria.

Roman Santos/ flickr

The cathedral,
-A bit of tourism.-

Salamanca is not only known for being one of the most popular college towns in Spain, but also for its sightseeing. Check the cathedral’s panoramic view from the other side of the Tormes River.

You'll be able to see astronauts at Nochevieja Universitaria.

Dr. Zoidberg/ flickr

The Astronaut,
-How is it possible?-

Salamanca‘s visitors stare at the North entrance’s wall for minutes in order to find the Astronaut sculpted at Catedral de la Asunción de la Virgen or The Newest Cathedral as people know it.

Street art as seen in Salamanca at Nochevieja Universitaria.

R2hox/ flickr

Street art,
-A colorful Salamanca.-

We always try to promote different perspectives in our roadtrips, that’s the reason why we’d like you to check the graffitis in Salamanca, just as we do with our Street art Tour in Madrid.

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