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Noche de San Juan

Noche de San Juan is the shortest night of the year in Alicante. Isn’t it?

While there is a lot of research on the net for “hotels in Alicante” or “best hostels in Alicante”, we don’t necessarily agree with the search as this is the shortest night of the year and you won’t need to spend extra money at the Hogueras de San Juan event. Instead, try spending the night with your friends at the best beach in Alicante. We pretend to show you through this best experience guide what are the not-to-miss activities for St. John’s bonfires.

How did the program of Hogueras de San Juan look like in 2016?

  • Different Mascletàs will take place each Saturday at 2 PM during the month of June.
  • A Mardi Gras like-event will be hosted on Saturday, June 11th at 9 PM announcing the beginning of Hogueras de San Juan.
  • La Despertá will make every single person at the neighbourhood wake up at 8 AM everyday during the 3rd week of June.

The 6 smartest suggestions on what to do in Alicante at the Hogueras de San Juan.

Bonfires in Alicante. Hogueras San Juan.

Borja López/

Bonfires’ jumping,
-The highest, the better.-

Eventhough it could seem as a bizarre idea, it’s the tradition in Alicante. Release all the bad spirits from your body; burn them. They’ll go away and bring new resolutions!

Fireworks display at Hogueras de San Juan.

Dennis van Zuijlekom/ flickr

Watch the fireworks,
-Look for the clearest view.-

Alicante is taken by the sound and fire for the whole month, starting on May 26th, and with the icing on the cake at the Nit del Foc. Don’t miss them! Check out our planner!

Santa Bárbara castle, Alicante. Hogueras San Juan.

Jesús Alenda/ flickr

A bit of tourism,
-Which are the best spots?-

Alicante, located at the same autonomous community than Castellón, has a lot of tourism to offer. Visit the Santa Bárbara Castle or the Central Market.

El Barrio neighboourhood. Alicante. Hogueras San Juan.

Borja López/

El Barrio,
-The most popular area.-

Don’t search! We’re already giving you the right info. Foreigners and locals alike visit El Barrio both at day and night to perform a ritual in Alicante…What would it be?

Marmarela beach club. Hogueras de San Juan, Alicante.

Cabrera photo/ flickr

Alicante’s clubbing,
-What are you looking for?-

There are three names to be remembered at this point in Alicante: Konzep7 (electronic music), Marmarela (electronic & reggaeton) and Kraken (after parties).

Playa del Postiguet,
-Are they crabs or people?-

There are some items to be brought to Alicante‘s beach that you cannot forget at home: sunscreen, a cooler, booze and wood to fire. Please pick up your mess afterwards.

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