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Feria de Sevilla

“Mom, I went to la Feria de Sevilla without looking like a “Guiri”. I Promised!”

Alright everyone! After dressing up for the Carnival in Cádiz you could make your way to another important Spanish celebrations called the Feria de Sevilla…It’s time to hire a typical Sevillanas dress because now we are going dancing! Some people might imagine that Spaniards dance flamenco everyday. Keep on reading, now we will share with you some secrets about la Sevilla’s fair and how to enjoy it to the fullest!.

What is it like to participate in ‘la Feria de Abril’ as a visitor?

Participating at the fair could mean getting a bit wild at any of the casetas set up accross the area.

All political parties in Andalucía offer free access to their stalls. Another way to experience the fair in Sevilla would be to have an invitation to any of the private casetas that locals organize. Do you have any friends in Sevilla?

TOP 6 features you will find interesting about the April fair in Seville.

April's fair aka Feria de Sevilla in Andalucía.

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-Blending in.-

Yo, people! After travelling so many miles to Sevilla, get into the spirit of the Feria. Wear a traditional Sevillanas costume if you are a girl, or a dapper man’s suit.

Feria de Sevilla contacts for casetas.

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-A brief introduction.-

Most popular activity to do during the festival in Sevilla is visiting the stalls. Eat and drink for hours at a good price, dance Flamenco & Sevillanas and meet new people.

the best moments are spent at the feria de Sevilla road trip

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-Learn from the best!-

Us Spanish welcome you with open arms! We will show you the basic Flamenco moves and will introduce you to the most popular Spanish dance of all times. People of all ages dance it.

La Giralda, Feria de Sevilla. Andalucía.

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-Will you be capable of it?-

Visiting the biggest tower of Sevilla‘s cathedral called La Giralda is our top pick, but we also accept excuses i.e “I didn’t have time”. We know where you were last night!

Feria Sevilla. Andalucía by night.

Jantoniomc/ flickr

What happens,
in Sevilla, stays in…-

There exists a huge difference between Tardeo and night, you’ll see. Consequently we’d like to invite you decide and give your opinion of what you prefer. Day or night?

Feria de Sevilla sunset. April's fair.

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Tardeo (sunsets),
-The best part of the day.-

Both foreigners and locals alike agree that tardeo (party during the afternoon) is the best moment to enjoy the Feria with your friends. Not as crowded and way livelier…

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