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Feria de Málaga

How Feria de Málaga changed our friends’ summer experience in Spain?

Three of our friends from the States were accepted as Auxiliares in Granada and we invited them to enjoy a proper Spanish fiesta with locals at the Feria de Málaga before they’d start working in September. Their first impression was “Dang, this is super cool!”, then they added “…and extremely hot!”. We remember those words because from that time it was a continuous non-stop party that changed their view of how Spaniards live and enjoy their free time. They were not expecting anything like that and since then, Eric, Sarah and Lizeth didn’t stop travelling all through Spain to party and sightsee during the 2015-2016 school year.

3 facts to learn about Málaga. How well you know the province?

  • TRUE/FALSE: Famous Hollywood actor Mr. Antonio Banderas (former Melanie Griffith’s husband) was born in Málaga city (1960- ).
  • TRUE/FALSE: El Caminito del Rey hike is the most dangeours & breathtaking hike in Spain.
  • TRUE/FALSE: A VIP Table at Nikki beach Marbella costs around 350€ per person.

6 Insider tips we gave to our friends on what-to-do & where-to-go during the Feria de Málaga.

People dancing on Calle Larios at Feria de Málaga.

© Ayuntamiento Málaga

Calle Larios,
-Occupy Málaga streets.-

Thousand towns in Spain celebrate their fiestas during summer time, and downtown Málaga is literally taken by party goers. If you’re looking for the party at day time, is it clear where to go?

Horse pilgrimage at Feria de Málaga's famous Romería.

© Ayuntamiento Málaga

The Romería,
-A pilgrim street celebration.-

Santa Maria de la Victoria is Málaga‘s Patron Saint. People gather for hours at this local celebration held at 10 AM the first Saturday of this week-long Feria. Too many feelings at a single place!

Folklore malagueño at Feria de Málaga.

Montuno/ flickr

The Verdiales,
-Folklore malagueño!-

We know by now that flamenco & sevillanas are the most famous dances at any Feria, but did you know that Los Verdiales are the oldest folk dances & songs at the Fandango style?

La Malagueta is Málaga city best-known beach.

Migulski/ flickr

La Malagueta,
-Enjoying Málaga’s beach.-

The main difference between all the best-known ferias in Andalucía is that Málaga‘s fair is the only one offering you the opportunity of swimming at the beach. You may also check Marbella or Benalmádena.

Rebujito and Cartojal are Feria de Málaga's best-sellers.

Alberto G.H/ flickr

The drinks,
-Changing our spirits.-

Despite what our friends firstly thought, Spaniards don’t drink Sangria every day. Feria de Málaga‘s best-seller beverages are Rebujito (a mix of manzanilla wine & 7up) and a sweet-taste wine called Cartojal, uniquely produced in Málaga.

Espetos, grilled sardines prepared at the Feria de Málaga.

Daniel Sancho/ flickr

Los espetos,
-Looking for the perfect grill.-

There is no other place in Spain where to find and eat a grilled fish prepared on a wooden boat full of charcoal. Málaga is not only famous for its tapas & raciones, but also for people’s love over espetitos (sardines).

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