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Feria de Córdoba

Is the Feria de Córdoba worth a visit? A guide to “Nuestra señora de la Salud” Spring fair.

Dear visitor, how are you doing? Let us tell you why the Feria de Córdoba is worth a visit. We’d like to state at this point that we are very lucky that the Spring fair is in May. It’s probably the best month to take a road trip to Andalucía. The city is decorated with colorful displays across balconies & patios. Thousands of young Spaniards and tourists alike enjoy dancing Sevillanas (flamenco style dance) and drinking famous rebujitos (typical white wine from Córdoba) at any of the free casetas (music stages).

Where to go in Córdoba at the feria? Feria de día vs. noche.

  • NIGHT: Click here to download a detailed plan and an updated edition of the Feria de Córdoba map.
  • DAY: A must-see dressage with Pure Spanish horses or PRE from Andalucia. Performed by the Córdoban Equestrian Association.
  • NIGHT: Caseta Ajetreo, for some drinks and a bit more excitement!

The 3 main differences between Feria de Córdoba and Sevilla.

Free access to all the stalls at Feria de Córdoba.

Reservas de coches/ flickr

The stalls,
-We love free stuff.-

Entering the casetas is one of the hardest goals to achieve when travelling to a fair in Andalucía. While the stalls in Córdoba have free access, people will have to reserve in order to enter most of them in Sevilla.

Free access to the casetas at the Feria de Córdoba.

Iris/ flickr

How many people?,
-Think global, go local!-

Feria de Sevilla, the most popular fair in Spain, had a total of 1,051 stalls in last years’ edition. On the other hand, Feria de Córdoba had a total of 107 which creates a local and unique appeal at the Spring Fair in Córdoba.

Great Mosque of Córdoba. Feria de Córdoba. Spain.

Bert Kaufmann/ flickr

Tourist attractions,
-Opposite cultures & styles.-

Both Sevilla and Córdoba have arabic influence from the era when Moors dominated Al-Andalus circa 1000 AD. La Giralda has a gothic style (Christian) whereas Córdoba’s Mosque has Mudéjar (Muslim).

The 3 main similarities between Córdoba’s fair and Sevilla’s fair.

Sevillanas dress, a must for girls while at the Feria de Córdoba.

Montse PB/ flickr

-It’s all about dancing.-

Whether you are in Córdoba or Sevilla for the fair there are two things that will never change in either city. People dancing sevillanas with their friends and also drinking rebujitos (cocktail made with Sherry and soft drinks)!

Sojo Ribera features a special celebration for Feria de Córdoba.

Sojo Ribera/ faceboook

The Sojo,
-Eating or dancing?-

The locals are very helpful when you need to ask for directions. They will all recommend these bars in Córdoba and Sevilla. What do you prefer, eating or dancing, or both?

Feria de Córdoba. Al-wadi al-kabir.

Jorge Garcia/ flickr

Guadalquivir River,
-From Jaén to Cádiz.-

This 408 mile river travels along Córdoba and Sevilla and passes through many Roman bridges. Did you know that Gualdalquivir originates from the words Al-wadi al-kabir, which in Moroccan Arabic means “The great river”?.

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