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Fallas Valencia

Fallas: The sound and fire everyone goes to hear and see

Whether you’re an expat or a student living in Spain, you better save some money for the month of March! Las Fallas sets the beginning of the popular festivities in the Spanish calendar, bringing light and sound to the capital of El Turia River. The firecrackers and different music festivals will bring volume to the city, while the illuminations will be supplied by the fire from the burning ninots (effigies). These are what we consider the top six attractions to visit when you are in Valencia, but don’t forget about Sonar in Barcelona.

Where could I easily purchase some firecrackers?

Purchasing some ‘petardos’ is the best idea if you want to experience the fiestas like a local. Be careful where you drop them in case you hurt someone or are fined by police officers.
Among all the pyrotechnic stores in the Valencia province, there are two that are located within walking distance from the city centre where you will be able to buy firecrackers: Petardos Valencia and Pyro shopping.

Six things to keep in mind when visiting Valencia during Fallas.

La Plantà, the artwork display during Fallas.

Fran Ontanaya/ flickr

La Plantà,
-The display.-

When arriving early in Valencia, we will walk around the city and observe how the gigantic structures have been displayed through the different neighborhoods. La Plantà sets the beginning of a week-long fiesta.

La mascletà, Valencia during Las Fallas.

Feistytortilla/ flickr

La Mascletà,
-The firecrackers.-

This massive firecracker explosion is celebrated in front of the Town Hall everyday at 2 PM during Fallas. This is when the whole city centre falls silent. The sound can even be heard from the bullfight square.

La Cremà, Valencia.

Matias Garabedian/ flickr

La Cremà,
-The burning.-

The Valencian castle fireworks precedes the burning of the last effigy on March 19th at the stroke of midnight. This signals the end of Las Fallas celebrations. You have never seen such a thing. It’s definitely worth a visit!

L'oceanographic is the city of Arts and Sciences in Valencia (Fallas).

O Palsson/ flickr

-The city of arts and sciences.-

We strongly recommend that you walk along Passeig de l’Albereda and stop by the city of Arts and Sciences. The Valencians are very proud of the architechture displayed. What do you think?

Paella: most famous Spanish meal.

Feistytortilla/ flickr

-Valencia style.-

Eating paella in Valencia‘s city centre is not advised by Cooltourspain. Rather, take a taxi to the outskirts of the city in order to discover an unknown restaurant for most visitors, Restaurante Martinot.

El Row Town Fallas Valencia.


El Row,
-When music is your vibe.-

Valencia’s city centre is attended by thousands of people during the day & night, but there are also a number of open air venues during Fallas which are used for electronic music festivals. This is our recommendation, El Row.

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