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Cádiz Carnival

Cádiz Carnival: The wildest party in Andalucía during the month of February.

Carnivals in southern Spain are a must. The city of Cádiz celebrates for approximately 20 days a unique event which hosts more than 100 groups known as Comparsas & Chirigotas. They will color the city with music, huge street parades and improvised shows. Cooltourspain brings you the ultimate guide (based on self experience) for the Cádiz carnival.

How do ‘Gaditanos’ take to the streets and celebrate their carnival?

We partied for three consecutive years at the Cádiz Carnival. Last year for the first time we attended the official COAC celebration at the Gran Teatro Falla. This is probably what gaditanos (locals from Cádiz) like the most!

‘Canal Sur’ (the local TV channel) broadcasts this live event which hosts chirigotas, comparsas, coros and cuartetos that compete for the first position in an incredibly hilarious competition…

6 tips that will help you enjoy the Cádiz carnival (a bit more)…

Cádiz Carnivals, Andalucía. Spain.

Juan Fernández/ flickr

Costumes’ selection,
-Trying to become Gaditano?-

When it comes to choosing the costume, try to be as creative as possible and do not repeat the one you wore for the last Cádiz Carnival. There are many DIY possibilities which will make you look like a ‘pro’.

Cádiz Carnivals and its contests for chirigotas & comparsas.

Juan Fernández/ flickr

Comparsas’ contest,
-Just do it girl.-

Comparsas are groups of singers that take part in the Cádiz Carnival. They write comedy lyrics and the whole group participate in a contest in which the city council provide the award to the best comparsa.

Sunday parade. Best event at the Cádiz Carnivals.

Juan Fernández/ flickr

Sunday parade,
-Ready to see how it’s made.-

This festival is celebrated for more than 10 days, including 2 weekends, so try to take Monday off. The Sunday parades kick off at 4 PM and people celebrate ’til late at night. These are the less crowded days.

Cathedral's in Spain. Cádiz Carnivals.

Pepe Rodriguez/ flickr

A bit of culture,
-Still have energy?-

The last thing you probably want to do is sightseeing after hours of madness, but we encourage you to visit Cádiz‘s most important spots, such as: Tavira tower, Cádiz’s Cathedral or El Pópulo neighbor.

-Typical food in Andalucía at the Cádiz Carnivals.-

Jose Manuel/ flickr

Local gastronomy,
-How picky are you?-

A visit to the Cádiz carnival won’t be complete unless you taste some of the most typical dishes from its local gastronomy: Tortilla de camarones, piriñaca or the jelly-like ortiguillas, just to name a few. If you are interested in food from another region, we recommend the gastronomy in Asturias.

Cádiz carnivals beach sunsets.

Chantybree/ flickr

Cádiz sunsets,
-Off the beaten track.-

If you’re that type of person who likes photography, you should take your camera, go to the beach and enjoy the beautiful sunsets while having a drink. A nice plan for those interested in the other side of Cádiz.

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