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Spain’s capital received 5.742.926 visitors last 2016 according to local TV Telemadrid Out of the almost 6 million people, there were a few who contacted us to see the city alternatively. We organized for them a unique experience which included among other different activities, a visit to Parque de las Siete Tetas, considered as the best panoramic viewpoint in town.

Discovering Madrid alternatively.

Madrid park Las siete tetas

Sky_hlv/ flickr

Chamberi station, Madrid

Mr Zeon/ Flickr

As you may be aware, Madrid not only offers traditional tourist activities but routes with different choices: music festivals, sport events and off the beaten tracks where to listen to stories about how people lived and still live in town. You may visit a ghost metro station called Chamberi or observe the city from a panoramic viewpoint in Vallecas neighborhood, Parque de las siete tetas.

Artists from Madrid map for you the best restaurants in the neighborhood.

We understand that people read Tripadvisor for reviews or check Madrid guides, but we wanted to share insider information about which are the restaurants and bars that we visit because of their quality, their price and also their charming welcome. Please visit our blog for more info. We will let you know if they pay for advertising or not, we’ll be honest.

Bars and restaurants in Madrid

Ornello pics/ Flickr

Check Madrid with a guide

Mapbox/ flickr

Madrid street art.

It all started in 2015 when we first offered our graffiti experience in Madrid. We are now daily ambassadors for the street art movement as we regularly publish information related to the urban art: interviews, events, festivals, info about the artists and where to find the coolest street art in town. Cooltourspain also offers workshops for groups. Not bad, huh? We collaborate at El Keller, the street art workshop located at La Tabacalera. This is a former tobacco factory that you shouldn’t miss while your visit in town.

Madrid graffiti

R2hox/ flickr

Madrid graffiti in a book shop

R2hox/ flickr

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