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Madrid street art map designed by graffiti hunters and urban art lovers!

In order to help the hundreds of visitors that we host during our urban art tours in town, the group of graffiti writers who collaborate with Cooltourspain created a Madrid street art map. You will now be able to check from your phone the must-visit locations if you interested in exploring the city in an alternative way.

There are a total of 21 districts in the city and we will try to cover as much as possible in this article. However, we will mostly focus in the most centric quarters. You could also check the list for graffiti walls in Madrid if you are interested in painting a legal wall without worrying about the police forces.

The following information has been chosen by photography lovers and thus it is their personal opinion. In case you want to add a location that you think we are missing, please feel free to comment or share the details in our Facebook and Tripadvisor official channels.

What’s the neighborhood you can’t miss in our Madrid Street art map?

Madrid street art map by R2hox


Esta es una Plaza

There exists a multicultural and, most importantly, multicolor neighborhood that you cannot miss if you are visitis the city for just a weekend. We consider that it is in Lavapiés area where the most famous urban artists might be found. Ever seen the black & white animals that Roa (BE) creates? They can be spotted all over the world and it is at Esta es una Plaza (Calle Doctor Fourquet, 24) where you can see the ones that he painted in our city. This location is one of the most beautiful urban gardens in Madrid and not only you will observe these two-colored creatures, but also the gigantic shield that Blue created.

Another avenue you should check through our Madrid street art map is Embajadores. Our guests always pay attention to the social and political connotations that artists include in their messages. Do not forget to visit the graffiti walls at La Canica (Calle Embajadores, 46), a time bank in which people can barter their skills, or EKKA, a public transfeminist house which offers help and support to women.

It is also a must for the avid travellers who join our street art tours in Lavapies to visit La Tabacalera (Calle Embajadores, 54). We consider this former tobacco factory/warehouse as the mecca for urban art in the city. Hundreds of artists have painted its walls over the past years and you will not believe us when we tell you that you could easily spend over 2 hours taking pictures at the interior of this must-visit location. Ready?

Which area out of the Madrid street art map is perfect for the paste-up and sticker lovers?

Whoever is on this game, might know that there is a huge international sticker’s community. People who have ever exchanged their artwork with other strangers across the countries/sea, will find themselves identified within these paragraphs.

Madrid Street Art map cannot be completed without the massive work that local artists do. Have you ever spotted any of the following artists at the mentioned streets?

  • Bloo&Titi: some people say it might be a tiger, others will represent it as a lion, but sure thing is that this character is everywhere in the city. Spot number one where you could find it, is Calle Fuencarral. It is also a great location for shopping!
Calle Ministriles is featured on the madrid street art map


Plaza del dos de Mayo

  • Will Yakome: A Bolivian artist, who collaborates at El Keller, creates the figure of a native American. He usually includes the quote “La Amazonia no se vende” (The Amazon is not for sale)  within his artoworks, trying to defend the people who have not sold their souls to commercialism yet. Do not miss his paste-ups along Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo.

Do not forget that if you want to listen to this stories and many more in this specific area, you should join our street art tour in Malasaña district. Such a multicultural and hipster, although gentrified, neighborhood. And last but not least:

  • Wolf Street Artist: Madrid’s sticker legen might be identified as the local Space Invaders. His tyle figures and the “Support Wolf Invasion” stickers decorate the surrounding streets of Plaza del Dos de Mayo. Its nearest metro station is Tribunal.

Where can you find the alternative parts in our Madrid street art map?

The further you travel away from the city center, the more local culture you will experience. That’s a fact. In this case, if you are the kind of traveller who is eager to explore the off the beaten and quirky parts of town, this is what we would recommend you…

Vallecas is a working-class neighborhood, full of no-frills bars and the tallest street art faccades in town. Whether you are interested in painting or just visiting the area, we would suggest you to check Avenida de la Albufera and the buidings featured in the city council’s website Madrid Paisaje Urbano (urban’s landscape).

If your intrepid spirit was not fed yet with our Madrid street art map, then you should travel to Tetuan. Take line #1 in the metro to observe the most talented and famous Madrileño artists. Suso33 or Gonzalo Borondo are some of the artists who decorate Plaza del Poeta Leopoldo de Luis and Calle Marques de Viana.

Madrid street art map for no-frills lovers


Sr Irregular/flickr

How could you find more spots to add to your Madrid street art Map?

Instagram is probably the most powerful social network that might exist in the whole world at this moment. Influencers feed our curiosity with millions of picture that capture our attention and thus we observe them with careful attention.

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