Madrid street art 2018 at Campo de Cebada

Madrid street art 2018 season: discover what’s hot in town this year!

Our graffiti crew analyzed the calendar for this year and curated a guide for Madrid street art 2018. The relevance and importance of some of these events made us think that travellers might be interested in some, or all of them! Also, the numbers shared by Instituto técnico hotelero gave us an insight of how many visitors came to our city during last 2017.

FITUR fair in January, featured at Madrid street art 2018.

Madrid street art 2018 featuring a live performance

Tomás Faco/Flickr

Madrid street art 2018 at Ifema congress center


Over thousand professional travel agents visit the stands that different countries from all over the world set at Ifema from 17th to 21st January. It is in here where Spanish travellers will have the opportunity to receive insider information of different cities. Did you know that the street art tourism in Spain is increasing that fast that we now count with more than 100 events in the Madrid street art 2018 calendar? That makes at least 8 times a month that there is something related with the street art community in Madrid. Berlin, Montreal, New York or Melbourne are also some of the places around the world we pinpointed in our map for the near future. Which are yours?

Urvanity art fair present at Madrid street art 2018.

Urvanity is a platform for new contemporary art which organized an urban art fair in Madrid at its first edition last 2017. It will count with new murals for Madrid street art 2018 season. L’Atlas, Ben Eine or Manolo Mesa were some of the internationally known artists who decorated Madrid’s walls with their extremely unique techniques. They also collaborated with Tuenti urban art project to develop street art perfomances at Spanish universities: Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Murcia & Teruel.

Madrid street art 2018 at Campo de Cebada


Manolo mesa for Madrid street art 2018


April during Madrid street art 2018 season: Pinta Malasaña.

Pinta Malasaña is a festival organized by the Malasaña chamber of commerce in association with MSAP. Dozens of artists from all over the world decorate the metal shutters of private buildings/stores during the month of April. It is in the calendar for Madrid street art 2018 because its workshops and the massive opportunity that people are given to enjoy the best street art in Spain’s capital. Fingers crossed, we will receive the opportunity to organize a free street art tour in Madrid.

Artists from all over the world represent Madrid street art 2018

Daniel Cruz Valle/Flickr

Madrid street art 2018 at Pinta Malasaña

Alberto de Francisco/Flickr

Madrid street art 2018: May & June.

Every year, in the case of CALLE Lavapiés, and every other year for Muros Tabacalera, Lavapiés neighborhood is fully coloured. Those are already sunny days so you will need your shorts to enjoy a morning walk around the most multicultural neighborhood in town. Madrid street art 2018 has already saved the dates for the month of May and Jane. Have you? Get ready!

Madrid street art 2018 with the work from Petronza crew


Madrid street art 2018 in May


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