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Graffiti workshop in Madrid

Visitors and locals alike will now have the exclusive experience of participating in a graffiti workshop in Madrid. What is it all about? Who will lead it? Will I perform live in the streets? These and many more answers to be followed after our street art tour in town…

Graffiti workshop in Madrid: tags and throw-ups.

Graffiti workshop in Madrid at an opendoors location

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Graffiti workshop in Madrid where all kids learn about street art

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The local community of writers will show you the techniques used on the streets. We want to make a clear statement that we don’t promote any kind of vandalism but teach pure art. Consequently, if you participate in this graffiti workshop in Madrid we will offer you an insight of how to work with layers, create fin powerlines or the steps to follow while creating block letters. Overall, you will put into practice what you learn in the theory: create your own tag and throw-up.

Will I paint illegaly during the graffiti workshop in Madrid?

As street art and graffiti may be found in the roads, mostly all group coordinators who call us asking for more information always wonder about this. Participans will not paint illegaly on the streets. Instead, your booked experience will take place in a previously arranged location. Our graffiti workshop in Madrid is intented for you to enjoy and do not worry. Interested in upgrading your activity by adding a stencil workshop too?

Graffiti workshop in Madrid for thanskgiving

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The graffiti workshop in Madrid welcomes students from all over the world

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How long does the graffiti workshop in Madrid take?.

There is a suggested time of 2 hours to complete the graffiti workshop in Madrid. Firstly, our group leader will show you his work and portfolio. Just as a brief introduction to his/her graffiti career. Then, in a wooden/plastic board you will scrawl with markers and spray paint so that we get the first layer. Right after the paint dries, your leader will show you how to trace the letters your name includes. You then need to fill them with color, paying attention to its pairing. Add 3D shaping, bubbling, shining and power-lining. Don’t forget to use your tag, include the date and the inscription to your friends/relatives.

Out graffiti workshop in Madrid is intended for teenagers of different ages

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Graffiti workshop in madrid, a completely engaging activity.

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