Graffiti walls in Madrid at El Campo de Cebada

Where to find graffiti walls in Madrid to paint legally.

I am an artist looking for graffiti walls in Madrid and trying to connect with local artists.

The street art community in Madrid is always opened to new collaborations & networks created with artists from different parts of the globe. Consequently, these are the graffiti walls in Madrid that we would like to recommend you to check ahead of time if you are travelling to the capital and your goal is to paint. Madrid is full of people who will host you! Contact us on the street art tour Madrid facebook page.

The most active graffiti walls in Madrid where to stamp your work.

There exists a self-sustained center in Madrid which will always welcome people from other cities. La Tabacalera is a former tobacco factory now turned into a graffiti & art gallery which contains hundreds of meters to be decorated. Its walls are in rotation, changing permanently, and we would consider El Keller as the workshop where dozens of local artists started to develop their career. Ciril23 is the guy who started it and Gonzalo Borondo, Ze Carrión or Brodbus the crew who have decorated the interior of a unique place in Lavapiés/ Embajadores area. Send an email to Cooltourspain’s team if you would like us to put you in contact with the people who manage the graffiti walls in Madrid.

Graffiti walls in Madrid decorated by Rubicon1, Ze Carrion and M. Tayeb48

R2hox/ flickr

Hundreds of meters at La Tabacalera walls.

The graffiti walls in Madrid painted by Ze Carrion

Martanimevanimeviene/ flickr

La Tabacalera is located in Glorieta Embajadores (metro line 3 & 5)

El Campo de Cebada, graffiti walls in Madrid for street artists

This “hole” (as locals describe it) might be one of the most reputated places where to find graffiti walls in Madrid. It is true that local crews paint over the creations of other artists after a short period of time but you will get an incredible exposure to the public audience. We are proud to be members of El Campo de Cebada assambly and will forward your interest to the right people. El Campo used to be a sports community center in the past and now a street art Plaza in Madrid. After the commitment of local neighbors to be reconstructed, the city council will start building a new sports cokplex by February 20187 so hurry up and turn your applaction before the working proccess starts.

Graffiti walls in Madrid where to paint legally

R2hox/ flickr

El Campo de Cebada is opened to all artists who present their artwork and interest through its assambly. Ask us how to do it.

Graffiti walls in Madrid at El Campo de Cebada

Oscar Guerra/ flickr

La Cebada’s purpose is to create a hub where the local community gathers..

Ever thought about participating in a street art festival in Madrid?.

The number of events related to the graffiti community in Madrid is increasing. Some of them have been celebrated for years now and here there are some of the street art festivals in Madrid where you could submit your application to develop your artwork. You will receive economic help but some artists see it more as an advertisement for their work (you will receive 150€ worth of material) rather than making money. Check these graffiti walls in Madrid.

Send your submission to paint graffiti walls in Madrid

Alberto de Francisco/ flickr

PINTA MALASAÑA: The festival takes place around “Plaza del 2 de Mayo” and it is celebrated around the month of April. Mettal shutters and glass displays are the usual locations where you will be given permission to paint.

Local artists participate in graffiti walls in Madrid

CALLE Lavapiés

CALLE LAVAPIÉS: The music festival takes part in the park next to the Church called Delicias. An interesting way to combine dj’s and bands with graffiti and street art.

The most impressive graffiti walls in Madrid

R2hox/ flickr

MUROS TABACALERA: The festival celebrates its edition every two other years. Next one will be held in June 2018. You can now let us know if you would like to participate. You can also see these walls at our street art tour in Madrid

Graffiti walls in Madrid for Urvanity festival

Oscar Guerra/ flickr

URVANITY FESTIVAL: The newest graffiti walls in Madrid could be seen at any of the spots chosen for the Urvanity festival, which took place las February 2017 alongside ARCO, Madrid’s most important art contemporary fair.

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