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Local POV reasons why Madrid has an excellent #foodporn concept.

Imagine crossing overseas and getting to a country where you could taste any foodporn style you would like: Spanish, European or International. Which would be your first option? Whether you choose local or global, we’d like to introduce you to our not-a-survival guide for the following month.

Which are the two most famous tapas areas in Madrid?

  • CAVA BAJA/ALTA: These two streets located in La Latina neighborhood feature many petit-restaurants that will make you enjoy your visit to Madrid‘s citycentre. Don’t forget to visit Casa Lucio.
  • PONZANO STREET Probably one of the most visited cañas & tapas streets in Madrid. Most of the people who visit its bars are locals. Quick stop at Sala de despiece

Cooltourspain foodporn’s chef selection for the upcoming month

Cocido madrileño in its foodporn version.

Krista/ Flickr

Bar del Rio,
-Pure flavour from Segovia.-

Meanwhile most people may know what tapas are, probably not that many have ever thought about going to a foodporn restaurant by its geographic disposition.

Come to this bar and try “patatas con boletus y huevos de corral”. They have a daily menú available plus a-la-carte options. The best option to come with your friends our Buddy program.

Foodporn at a Bulgarian restaurant.

Sitomon/ Flickr

Bodega Vieja,
-Madrid’s bulgarian corner.-

Ever headed to an Eastern European country? If you haven’t visited Bulgaria yet, come to this restaurant and try any of the appetizers or the eggs & cheese platter.

Simply delicious, there are not that many restaurants in Madrid where you can get that much of taste from the country of origin.

Foodporn version in Madrid of a Peruvian meal.

Collect moments/ flickr

-Peruvian & Pisco bar.-

Our Peruvian friends in Madrid once recommended us to visit this place. We could not stop trying to cook Ceviche at home since then, although it would never be the same as this tasty seafood dish.

Be careful though on the number of Pisco sours you try, as this sweet drink could get crazy!

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