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Viña Rock

Viña Rock is the longest-standing underground rock music festival in Spain. Isn’t it?

We wouldn’t lie if we’d tell you that this opinion is partly true. Viña Rock has been held Villarobledo, Albacete since 1996; it features an underground scene, but it has also became the most popular rock music festival in our country. We would define it as an all-terrain festival for the sound-system & rock community, which is not that known by tourists or foreigners. Plus it hides a massive teknival called antiviña which make it even more appealing.

Viña rock and Antiviña: the craziest music combo in Albacete!

If you got to these lines that means that you are going to discover the name of the biggest teknival in Spain. Eskombros Klan, Elektrodelia or Dekade23 are the most famous Spanish sound systems and have been participating at this massive tekno party for many years. Antiviña is completely free and you will be able to see the real underground scene in Spain. We can assure that it is frequent to see thousands of people at Antiviña.

TOP 3 Spanish rock/ rap/ punk artists to listen at Viña Rock 2016.

Gerardo Cartón, radio speaker at the radio show “Pop Goes Art” and author of the book “Manual del perfecto festivalero” states that “Spain is the country with the highest number of music festivals in the world”. We support his statement and in this case we’d like to show you a different version of festivals featuring punk/ rap/ rock/ dub. Amazing, huh? Viñaaaaa

Boikot performing at Viña Rock.

Jonas MF/ Flickr


There exists a parental advisory sign at their concerts. On the scene since 1990, Boikot has participated at the most important rock music festivals in Spain and has social republican ideas!

Zatu and Acción Sanchez performing live.

MA Villaplanas/ Flickr


Zatu and Acción Sanchez created Straight From Da Kranny (SFDK) in the 90’s. They became one of the most popular hip hop & rap groups in Spain since then. Straight from Sevilla to your ears!

Lendakaris muertos performed at Viña Rock 2016.

Jonas MF/ Flickr

Lendakaris muertos

Lehendakari is the name that the president of the Vasque Country receives, and apparently this group has some ideas against the government. Punk Rock in Spanish that will let you rave!

6 aspects you should take into account while at Viña Rock.

Camping ground as seen at Viña Rock.


-Will you sleep at all?.-

Don’t forget a tent, a sleeping bag and a lantern. You’ll also find local neighbours who will literally rent their restrooms for 3€ if you want to have a shower after Viña Rock.

Water proof survavil kit at Viña Rock.

Nick Rice/ Flickr

Water proof,
-The survival kit.-

Beware of the weather. Be prepared just in case it rains. Bring a raincoat and your waterproof boots for the countryside as it usually chucks it down at this festival.

Antiviña is hosted on the surrounding areas of Viña Rock.

Antiviña/ Facebook

-Free tekno 23.-

Among the different music styles featured at the Viña Rock experience, we can assure that this one is completely the opposite to the jotas in Zaragoza.

Lagunas de Ruidera are only 37 miles away from Viña Rock.

M Peinado/ Flickr

Lagunas de Ruidera,
-The Guadiana River source.-

A short trip from Villarobledo separates the festival and this state park, categorized as one of the most beautiful landmarks in Spain: nature, animals and relax.

Delicatessen found at La Moderna after Viña Rock.

Manel/ Flickr

-Sweet deli from Albacete.-

Families from all over the country stop to buy a dozen of these sweet and white products in Albacete. Excellent for desserts or breakfast while you have guests at home.

Viña Rock has windmill party-goers.

Jaime González/ Flickr

El Quijote,
-The windmills area.-

Spain is famous for its food, the weather and its people. What about literature? Did you know that in Albacete province you can visit the setting of El Quijote?.

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