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Aquasella: possibly Europe’s greenest festival.

The techno scene has a booked date in the month of July. A weekend-long festival in Asturias, including pre and after parties, which will take your experience in Spain to a whole new level. Imagine partying at 7.00 AM surrounded by the mountains, the sunset right on the horizon, the fog settling down over the land, and the Dj killing the beat! Furthermore, you will probably be familiar with most of the line-up and the activities & culinary options available in the area are simply the best! Remember the name because Aquasella is your option for next 22nd and 23rd July.

Everything you wanted to know about this festival in Asturias.

TOP 3 Spanish techno music artists not to miss at the festival.

There are many Spanish techno music artists that we could include in this list but as space is limited and we would like to show you just a few ideas of what to listen at the festival, why don’t you check these 3 artists and then write a review on our facebook page of who did you like the most at Aquasella? You should write who would you include in our list!

Dj Pepo, Aquasella 2016


Dj Pepo

There is no doubt Pepo will perform the closing set at the festival, but how will he surprise his audience? We just want hard-techno! Cannot wait for the date to arrive!

Fatima Hajji, Aquasella 2016


Fatima Hajji

Spanish born, with Arab origins, this lady will let you “go with the flow” and will put the BPMs on the highest levels so that you cannot stop dancing in Asturias.

Edu Imbernon, Aquasella 2016


Edu Imbernon

From Valencia shore to the most important festivals all around the world: BPM, Awakenings… Edu’s got talent and he is in Aquasella to “crystalize” you.

When in Asturias, do as asturianas do at Aquasella!

Sunsets at Aquasella festival.


The sunsets,
-Stunning views.-

At times, there is a moment when you just want to be free and release yourself. We know how you’re feeling when at a festival…enjoy the sunsets at Aquasella in Arriondas!

Lago Enol is close to Aquasella.

Rubén Iglesias/ flickr

-A gem in Asturias.-

If you got here, that means that you are only 10 miles away from heaven. Asturias‘ mountain range is probably one of the most beautiful landscapes all around Spain. Worth a visit!

The camping is the funniest thing ever at Aquasella!


-The Spanish way.-

San Fermin may have hundreds of airbnb options, but the scenario in Asturias completely changes, offering the incredible opportunity of camping in the mountains.

Rent a kayak in Aquasella.

John Mason/ flickr

Sella River,
-Pure nature.-

Kayaking the river while you are in the area is probably the most popular activity to experience in Asturias. Check these companies: Aventura Norte or EAP Ranasella.

Fabes, local gastronomy at Aquasella.

Bruno Sanchez/ flickr

-Local pleasure.-

Local restaurants in Ribadesella have special offers for partygoers like you, but you cannot leave Asturias without trying the spooned-dish fabes or the stuffed cachopo.

Aquasella wouldn't be the same with a visit to Cuevas del Mar.

Begoña Álvarez/ flickr

-Cold water ahead.-

Those of you who want to visit the coast in Asturias, try the easiest option no further than 30 minutes by car. Cuevas del Mar beach and Playa del Toro are your best bet!.

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