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To answer these FAQ questions, we will firstly give our our email address in case that at the end of this page your are still doubtful about any service offered by Cooltourpain.


FAQ #1: Where does the graffiti tour in Madrid start?

The meeting point/location for our street art tour in Madrid is located on the upper level entrance of Atocha Renfe station. Metro line number 1. Exit through the circular building and the two big baby statues will be in front of Hotel Only You Atocha. These are two pictures that will show you how do the statues look like. Hope you find them useful.

Please take into consideration some extra travelling time to get to the exact location. Whether you are travelling by public transport (metro/bus/cercanias) or private one (taxi/UBER/Cabify) you should know that we may give 5 to 10 minutes of courtesy for late arrivals.

FAQ: street art tours in Madrid by Cooltourspain

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FAQ: street art tour in Madrid meeting point location

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FAQ #2: How much does the urban art tour in Madrid cost?

Our street art tour cost 18.15€ (taxes included) for adults. Groups will receive an individualized service. Children will pay 12.15€ (taxes included) for this alternative experience in Madrid. Hope our answers to this FAQ page help you.

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FAQ#3: Are children allowed on Cooltourspain’s experiences?

Children from all ages are welcome. Under 10 years old do not pay, other will pay children fee. They must be under the custody of an adult at all times in order to participater in the experience offered either in our website or at any of our distribuitors’ site like Airbnb. (FAQ).

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FAQ#4: Where will this underground experience in Madrid finish?

After the hour and a half/two hours visit in Madrid we will say goodbye to each other at La Latina metro station. A perfect area where to go eat or have some drinks with your friends/family. FAQ:
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