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Feria de Sevilla

“Mom, I went to la Feria de Sevilla without looking like a guiri.”

Alright everyone. If you told your parents that you dressed up for the Carnivals in Cádiz, did not get wild but enjoyed Spanish celebrations…It’s now time to tell them the truth and show them some pictures with a typical Spanish dress from Andalucía! At last, all what they may know is that people in Spain dance Sevillanas everyday. Right? Keep on reading, we are about to tell you some secrets about la Feria de Sevilla.

What is it like to participate at ‘la Feria de Abril’?

Participating at the fair could mean getting a bit wild, but you must know that all the disadvantages about la Feria de Sevilla could be summed up to one sentence: not having a ‘caseta’; but as rules were meant to be broken…all the political parties in Andalucía offer free access to their stalls. The other option would be to have someone hosting you at any of the private casetas installed.

Six things we have learnt through our experience in San Fermin

April's fair aka Feria de Sevilla. Andalucía.

Flamenco style,

-The unnoticed foreigner-

Yo, people! Now that you made all those kilometres to Sevilla, try approaching the Feria’s essence and wear a proper sevillanas costume if you are a girl, or a bosh man’s suit.

Feria de Sevilla sunset. Apri's fair.

Tardeo (sunsets),

-The best part of the day-

Both foreigners and locals alike agree that tardeo (party during the afternoon) is the right moment when to enjoy the Feria with your friends. Not as crowded and way livelier…

Feria Sevilla and its dances.


-Yes, you’ll be proficient!-

There’s nothing worse than going to a party and not socialize with people. That’s why we recommend you to dance as Sevillanos do! Spaniards love u guys!

La Giralda, Feria de Sevilla. Andalucía.


-Will you be capable of it?-

Visiting Sevilla’s cathedral biggest tower La Giralda is our top pick, but we also accept excuses i.e “I didn’t have time”. We know where you were last night!

Feria Sevilla. Andalucía by night.

What happens

in Sevilla, stays in…-

There exists a huge difference betweeen Tardeo and night, you’ll see. Consequently we’d like to invite you decide and give your opinion of what you prefer.

Feria Sevilla contacts for casetas.

Casetas & contacts,

-The survival kit-

Contact the local auxiliares facebook group if you’d like to see how is the party scene at a private caseta, where Sevillanos eat and drink all day long.

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