Eclectic tours in Madrid with a group of travellers

Eclectic tours in Madrid. Venture off the beaten path with our graffiti lovers!

User experience (UX) is 2019 Google’s top priority. The most important search engine in the world is looking for websites where the relevance relays on visitors’ reactions and so do we! Our experts are exploring the streets in a daily way so that we can create the most eclectic tours in Madrid. The guides who collaborate with Cooltourspain focus on finding colorful decorations where our groups could stop and listen to the stories that lie behind each graffiti.

Our project started theses guided visits about three years ago and we have now hosted thousand of travellers from all over the worldd. This people contacted us because they were looking for something different. They already checked the most classic parts in downtown areas and their curiosity brought them to us!

The graffiti tour in Madrid that we created will take you to multicultural and colorful districts thay you might not discover on your own. Ever heard of Lavapies and Embajadores? Pay close attention from now on as we are about to reveal the location of hidden gems. Ready?

What would you consider as eclectic tours in Madrid?

eclectic tours in Madrid for alternative travellers

Javier Garcia

Eclectic tours in Madrid with a local graffiti hunter

Giovanni Colomo

The hundreds of visitors who participate in our quirky walking visits every month think that the highlight of our Inteactivity is La Tabacalera.

To classify a tour as a must-do experience, there has to be at least one breath-taking location, plus several other spots that get your full attention. TBK is a former tobacco factory from the XIX century that was turned into a self-sustained center. It will be at the interior of this warehouse, located in Calle Embajadores, 54, where you will be able to participate at any of the workshops where volunteers will teach you many different skilss. For instance, you can learn how to fix your bike at Recicleto, out into practice the different techniques used by graffiti artists at El Keller, and observe how to work with recycle materials or how to create hand-made soap bars.

Interesting, huh? Our eclectic tours in Madrid will show you the way to this unique & alternative spot in Lavapies quarter. Not only you will receive information on when & where visiting this place, but we could also introduce you to some local artists if you are interested in buying street art in Madrid.

Why do people classify our experiences as eclectic tours in Madrid?

Cooltourspain’s guests consider that the passion that our tour leaders show during the service is probable the tours’ highlight. Santi, Gerardo, Celine, Patri and Javier do love taking travellers to quirky areas and this is something that people can feel. They appreciate the effort that our team takes when investigating about the story of each street art decoration. We contact the artists, usually through Instagram, so that they can tell us what’s the purpose of their artwork. This is our daily feed.

Visitors also mentioned on Tripadvisor that these eclectic tours in Madrid let them discover the local spirit and the multiculturalism of areas that are not touristic. The colorful streets and venues around Embajadores district serve as an outdoors canvas which illustrates the Spanish society’s problems: bankrupcy, political corruption, unemployment or the issues with the economy, Guille, Okudart and Concreto are local artists who painted over the last 2018.

Graffiti observed during the eclectic tours in Madrid

Street art tours

The beginning of our eclectic tours in Madrid

Javier Garcia

How did these eclectic tours in Madrid become so popular?

The street art industry is increasingly capturing the attention not only of art curators but also the one from the regular audience. Citizens from all over the world do search on the internet for alternative things to do in Spain, and one of them are our street art bike tours, for instance.

SEO experts pointed out that a keyword strategy on Cooltourspain’s blog could help us boost the number of visitors to our tours and the amount of people who read our articles online. This is one of the reasons why these eclectic tours in Madrid became that popular. Writing in a weekly way made that almost anybody looking for an off the beaten experience in town could find us. It didn’t matter whether you were searching in English or in Spanish language that you would find us.

Word of mouth also gave us a good personal reputation. 4.7/5 participants ,who walk with our guides, recommend our tours to their family and friends. They were that happy that their relatives purchased our products too, specially ctizens from Israel (see Lametayel)

Eclectic tours in Madrid with a group of travellers

Giovanni Colomo

Eclectic tours in Madrid with Santiago Gonzalez


Where to find eclectic tours in Madrid this 2019?

The meeting point for the most popular of our guided visits is located by the entrance of Teatro Valle Inclán (Calle de Valencia, 1). Its nearest metro station is Lavapies and we will be waiting for you at 11.00AM all year long and 4.00PM (Winter season) or 5.00PM (Spring, Summer & Fall).

The eclectic tours in Madrid also meet by the door of Teatro Barceló (Calle de Barceló, 11) when the service developed is the street art tour in Malasaña. In case you would like to take part in our adventure tours by bike, please do meet us at te Carrefour supermarket in Calle de Montera, 32.

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