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Buddy program

Our buddy program is the solution to your questions regarding a new placement in Madrid!

Are you planning on moving to Madrid and would like to receive the help from a local? Well, then we are here to help you through our buddy program. Whether you are an auxiliar, an exchange university student (Erasmus & International) or an au-pair…this is the best way to discover the city and get to know someone at the beginning of your placemente in Madrid!

How is it like to particiate in this exchange?

If you are thinking in joining this FREE program offered by Cooltourspain, there is a previous survey you must fill in order to match you with someone who has the same (or most approximate) interests. Then we will put you in contact with this local person through email and it is all set! Your commitment and involvemente will determine your experience. We participated in a buddy program in Sweden and we loved it!

6 important benefits about participating in a buddy program.

Buddy program with local madrileños.

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Local point of view,
-How do locals live?

First and foremost, it is always nice to receive the help from a person born & raised in Madrid, as this Madrileñ@ will help you settle at the beginning. What u waiting for?

Buddy program- Spanish language immersion

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Spanish friends,
-They are here for you!-

Our community spoke through a survey and more than 79% of Cooltourspaniards agreed that they would love to have more Spanish friends. You spoke, we listened!

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Weekly events,

There is a saying which could apply to this page and we’d like to share it: “When in Rome, do as Romans do.” Our buddies will introduce you to our traditions & typical festivities.

Buddy Program Madrid.

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The non-touristic,
-Where do the locals hang out?

Come with your buddy to our Street art Tour meetups and get to know other auxiliares participating in the program. Check with us what this city has to offer!

Original Buddy program Madrid. Cooltourspain.

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-Someone will have your back.-

Proud to announce that we are the first exchange community (non-college related) with a buddy program run only by Spaniards. Such a successful achievement!

The Buddy program attends a festival in Madrid.


-Weekend escapes.-

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