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White water Rafting

Open white water rafting activities for all audiences and levels.

What would life be without adventures? Are you the kind of person who is interested in strong emotions? Then, you should know there exists two rivers in Spain where it is possible to practice white water rafting with a high level of adrenaline. The first one is called Gallego River and crosses Murillo de Gállego (Zaragoza). The second one is the Ulla River located in Galicia (western Spain). They both have a high-volume flow rate which makes them accessible for rafting II & III levels. Hundreds of people visit the area to celebrate stag & hen parties as it is the perfect setting for any adventure: mountain, friends and a lot of excitement!

Few important things you should know before participating in the white water rafting.

  • You better know how to swim or your access to the activity could be banned.
  • It is mandatory the use of the provided safety equipment: life vest and helmet.
  • The more coordinated at the raft with your team, the better experience y’all have.
  • Bring water-proof clothing materials if you’ve got them or can borrow from someone.

6 unforgettable activities that will complete your white water rafting experience in the area.

White water rafing by the stunning Mallos de Riglos.

Javier Valero Iglesias/ flickr

-Mallos de Riglos.-

It’s considered as probably the best-known and most beautiful open-air climbing area in (northern) Spain. A breath-taking place that you probably never heard about.

Stunning views of Alquézar after the white water rafting.

Kom bo/ flickr

-Medieval history.-

This astonishing town located by the Vero River canyon offers innumerable hiking routes to its visitors as well as horseback riding and prehistoric cave paintings.

MTB + white water rafting = perfect combination.

Julen Iturbe-Ormaetxe/ flickr

Mountain biking,
-Free spirit.-

Whether you bring your own bike or a rental one, we could compare this mountain range area to the state of Colorado. As you may see, it’s similar to El Camino de Santiago.

White water rafting and bunjee jumping are probably the most adventurous activities.

Los viajes del Cangrejo/ flickr

Bungee jumping,
-Release yourself.-

We must admit that jumping from a bridge has been in our bucket list for ages, and we want to take advantage from it! Why don’t we plan a ‘rafting’ break together?

Breakfast after white water rafting.

Ernesto Andrade/ flickr

-Peace, love and calm.-

There is no better way to wake up after the rafting than with the birds’ cheeping, a full breakfast with local organic products and a bath to release any pain you may have.

Completing an open kayak after a white water rafting is possible.

Martin Dvoracek/ flickr

-The solo option.-

There also exists a tremendous opportunity for solo travelers to enjoy white water activities rather than rafting. Ever heard of hidrospeed or the open kayak?

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