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Cooltourspain is a group of friends who loves street art and is related to the tourism industry in Madrid. You should know about us that we are passionate graffiti writers/hunters who will always try our best to offer you a service of quality with a big smile.

About us: the project.

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Cooltourspain is a social, cultural and educational project. It all started with the high interest that people from all over the world had about getting to know Madrid with a different point of view, through the eyes of street art and graffiti. These visitors were interested about us, our graffiti culture and the opportunity to visit the off the beaten tracks of the city. It’s a social project because all activities are leaded by local specialists from Spain; cultural due to the fact that all services are related to art and the educational part of the project comes from the stencil seminars and graffiti workshops we curate for middle and high school students.

About us: the team.

Cooltourspain exists thanks to the passion of graffiti lovers who freelance with us on their free time. Santi comes from Castellón and teaches English as a second language at a vocational school in Vallecas. He loves argentinian asado and is now learning French to practice it with any of you guys. Alison was born and raised in Madrid, she studies philology at Autonomus university and will show you Madrid with a big smile. Elián is an interpreter student who lives in Lavapiés area and will recommend you the best places to visit and eat.

You should also know about us that we collaborate with the artists from El Keller to develope our services: Cyril23, En Llama, Brødbus, Por Favor, Guto Ajayu and many more.

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About us: the beginnings.

Javier Garcia created Cooltourspain back in 2015. He participated in the visiting teacher program in the US, where teacher from all over Spain spend 3 years in an American school. Odessa, TX and Denver, CO were the two cities who showed him the path to follow as there were many people interested about us and visiting our country taking part at any of the road trips in Spain we organized. Javier first launched a website aimed towards the Spanish culture and we changed the idea of the project focusing in street art services in Madrid.

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About us: the beginnings

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